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Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 No love for PC? A little costumey, yes, but sexy as all hell Id kill for the DB and purple windowpane That DB looks ridiculous! PC looks too affectatious.
Does AE also use Horween Shell Cordovan?
Liljenquist & Beckstead in the Tysons Galleria mall. They are an authorized Bulgari dealer.
I recommend Albert Thurston: http://www.albertthurston.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I also endorse Field's on Wisconsin in Georgetown. Very good work. +3 Field's is the best in the area. I take all my alterations to William. He's also made a number of bespoke items for me.
Dressing up for a night out---> classic jazz: Brubeck, Desmond, Hawkins, etc. Putting on my leather jacket and boots to ride my Triumph---> The Stooges
Are those on the 337 handgrade last?
IM Corona are probably the best bang for the buck lighters you can buy. I have the Old Boy model as well as a Dupont Ligne 2.
Matthew, Nice blog. I've always loved the Huntsman silhouette. Any plans to visit Washington DC when you come to NY?
That looks like an Indian Scout; like the one Brad Pitt rode in Benjamin Button.
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