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Ectons in burnt pine
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Some really amazing stuff here. How well do you guys like your Air Kings? The value seems to be held quite well. I love mine. Its my everyday workhorse watch. I especially like the fact that it's 34mm- small, stealthy and understated. Anything over 36mm looks too big on my wrist. I have a mid-size Omega Railmaster on order with my AD. I'll post pics in the Watch Porn thread when I get it.
Air King...
I wear a 6.5 G in the Craftsman. Should I get the same size in the Macquarie?
Just got my laptop brief (same as Srivats' and Dob's) from M-W traveler yesterday. It's a beauty!
RM Williams boots
I ordered the same M-W bag and should be getting it next week. Can't wait!
Yes, I also received my invite from Cleverley in the mail yesterday. But I think Everard's is an odd place for Cleverley to have a trunk show. Everards is a haberdasher that sells rather over priced, fashion-forward clothing. I don't think that the clientele that patrons Everard's would also purchase bespoke shoes. Nonetheless, I plan to go. Medwards, I hope to see you there.
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