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Just ordered a pair of Blaxlands in the rum color.
Guys, I'm seriously considering the S5000BKBs. I have the Samurai 19oz regular straight fit and love them. I prefer a vintage loose dungaree fit (straight leg , no taper and high waist). I also have the MF California Lot 54 and the Flat Head 3005 Straight Classics. Will the S5000BKBs be too slim? Thanks for your help.
Guys, I'm planning on ordering a MTO pair of double monks on the classic last. I want to style them like the JL Williams: captoe, DL sole. However, I noticed that SC's DL monks has a sort of saddle stitch detail on either side. Is it possible to have these made without the addition stitch that's closest to the heel? Here's a pic of the SC DB monks. I've highlighted the stitch in question and also a pic of JL Williams as a reference. Thanks for your feedback.
Guys, I'm looking to buy my first pair of Lobbs, the William DB monk. I've never worn Lobbs before and was wondering about the fit. I wear a US 7D (yes, I know I have small feet ) and am told that it would equate to a UK 6E in Lobbs. Do others find the conversion true to your normal US size? Apparently the 9795 last is a roomy one. Do any William owners have problems with heel slippage or other fit issues? Thanks!
Anybody know the name of this color? I read somewhere that JL has its own shade of brown they call, "JL brown"; a kind of black/brown mix.
Maiden voyage for my 403s.
Finally added this to my collection.: 14060. Couldn't be happier😊
Gentlemen, Up for sale is a mint Jaeger LeCoultre (JLC) Master Control Ultra Thin dress watch in 18K rose gold. Classy, refined, understated, and simply elegant best describe this rare timepiece. This watch has been mostly a safe queen and doesn't see much time on my wrist since I no longer wear formal business attire. It is in mint condition with no visible scratches or blemishes. I am the original owner and purchased this from an authorized dealer. This model is now...
Count me in for 36S as well. How about some full canvas blazers in the Napoli cut? A navy hopsack material would be great. Please, no gold buttons!
Ben, When are you going roll out the full canvas jackets? I have two of your Napoli jackets in 36S and am interested in picking up some more. Also, will you be doing any in a heavy tweed?
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