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Thinking of getting the traveler blue chambray shirt. Normally I would get a size small but the shoulder measurement is about a half inch shorter than my other shirts (16 vs 16.5 on my other shirts). Can abyone describe the fit of the shirt and recommend whether or not I should size up to a medium? Thanks.
What's the production status? When can we expect to receive our orders?
Thinking of adding a cxl chukka to my rotation. I can't decide between brown or natural. I already have the Indy boot in brown cxl so I am leaning towards the natural. Which would you guys choose? Pics of the natural would be much appreciated. Thanks
Do you accept Paypal? What is your return policy in case the jacket does not fit as expected? I am also interested in the A-1 in Polo Suede.
Guys, Here is a beautiful cardigan to keep you warm this winter. This is the Mister Freedom Campus Cardigan in the natural/cream color in a size medium. You can find out all the details about this cardigan at Mister Freedom's website: http://www.misterfreedom.com/campus-cardigan-natural.html This is in like new condition. I've only worn it a few times. I have quite a few sweaters and this doesn't get as much wear as I thought it would. Full retail at MF is $399 plus...
Guys, I'm considering adding a color 8 shell lace up boot to my collection. I'm debating between a plain toe with a commando sole or a captor with a leather sole. Which would you all suggest? This will be for more casual wear and also would like to use for riding my motorcycle. I'm leaning towards the plain toe commando version. Pics of either of these models is appreciated. Thanks
Just ordered a pair of Blaxlands in the rum color.
Guys, I'm seriously considering the S5000BKBs. I have the Samurai 19oz regular straight fit and love them. I prefer a vintage loose dungaree fit (straight leg , no taper and high waist). I also have the MF California Lot 54 and the Flat Head 3005 Straight Classics. Will the S5000BKBs be too slim? Thanks for your help.
Guys, I'm planning on ordering a MTO pair of double monks on the classic last. I want to style them like the JL Williams: captoe, DL sole. However, I noticed that SC's DL monks has a sort of saddle stitch detail on either side. Is it possible to have these made without the addition stitch that's closest to the heel? Here's a pic of the SC DB monks. I've highlighted the stitch in question and also a pic of JL Williams as a reference. Thanks for your feedback.
New Posts  All Forums: