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I'm going to be ordering the same trousers. Did you get yours lined or unlined? Thanks.
What is the weight of the flannel?
Guys, I'm considering having Luxury make me a pair of trousers for the fall. I am looking for a charcoal flannel fabric that is mid to heave weight (14+ oz) and NOT worsted but just woven. I prefer the fuzzy texture over the smooth texture of wasted. Can anyone direct me to a cloth that Luxire offers that fits these specs? To those of you who have had trousers made, what are your impressions of Luxire's fit and finish. Did they nail it right the first time for you? Thanks...
Thinking of getting the traveler blue chambray shirt. Normally I would get a size small but the shoulder measurement is about a half inch shorter than my other shirts (16 vs 16.5 on my other shirts). Can abyone describe the fit of the shirt and recommend whether or not I should size up to a medium? Thanks.
What's the production status? When can we expect to receive our orders?
Thinking of adding a cxl chukka to my rotation. I can't decide between brown or natural. I already have the Indy boot in brown cxl so I am leaning towards the natural. Which would you guys choose? Pics of the natural would be much appreciated. Thanks
Do you accept Paypal? What is your return policy in case the jacket does not fit as expected? I am also interested in the A-1 in Polo Suede.
Guys, Here is a beautiful cardigan to keep you warm this winter. This is the Mister Freedom Campus Cardigan in the natural/cream color in a size medium. You can find out all the details about this cardigan at Mister Freedom's website: This is in like new condition. I've only worn it a few times. I have quite a few sweaters and this doesn't get as much wear as I thought it would. Full retail at MF is $399 plus...
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