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In Montreal, can confirm thats its sufficient for the weather. My go-to winter coat. Great at keeping the heat in. Great overall
I know im pretty late but i was wondering, do Vibergs hold-up well in Montreal winters? I'm scared i'll be sliding around with the Dainite soles. Can i resole them with a commando sole?Thanks in advance
What are these?
I love Arc'teryx, great company and great coats. I have: Beta A/R Veillance Node IS Veillance Isogon Veillance Composite Will be adding a few pieces eventually.
I know the last makes a big difference in the fit. The store told me it was on Leydon, and surely it is not. My foot is floating all over the place. I couldnt return them when i got them. The store doesnt know which last it is.
I am selling an Alden black leather commando/PT boot in a 9.5 (commando sole). Brand new, never worn, not broken in, still has stickers on the sole. Comes with box and bags. The store i bought it from wasn't sure about the last but i think it is Barrie or something similar because its too big for me. If you wear 9.5 in Barrie or something similar this would do. Shipping to US and Canada from Canada 35$ marked as gift. All other places inquire NO TRADES Thank you
Can anyone help me find a Chamois or reversed chamois Indy in a 9 or 9.5 with Commando sole, I can't find a proxy for TSM so i need to find that boot somewhere else. Thank you
I see your point, but it could get really annoying when you consider all the potential sizing exchanges and returns, dissatisfaction with flaws, ect.  Then you would have all these crazy Alden folks annoying the hell out of you instead of the retailer. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished. [/quote] I understand but i know what i want and what size and it should be very easy imo. But i see your point.
Hey guys, would someone be willing to help me get something from and then ship it to Montreal? Thank you
What are those jeans if you dont mind me asking?
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