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Loyally, I have to say Edinburgh. It may not be as massive or bright as most of the cities posted in this thread, but I know where I'd rather live.
Argyle-patterned sweaters are nice. I remember there was a minor craze for them in the UK about two or three years ago but it seems to have faded now. Doesn't stop me wearing mine though. I have a really nice vintage one from the 1960s that fits great.
It was a rare sunny day on Thursday, so I went out into the countryside on my bike, and experimented with the manual settings on my new point-and-shoot.
Quote: Originally Posted by vstoto Here is the TaT 1-button I wore to my school graduation. Excuse the poor picture but I took it for a WAYWT and I don't want to get dressed back up for fit pics The sleeves are a little long (hence the weird fists holding my shirt sleeves), but hopefully I can get them tailored even though this is supposedly difficult since they are functional. Ordering from TaT was a great experience and I recommend them to...
The only conclusion I can draw from this thread is 'Fuck London.' None of those houses are worth a fraction of what what they cost. This is insane.
38. Spelling issues prevented me getting some of the -stans and the philipenes (even now!)
Linsook, I really like the medium grey colour of your suit. Think I might go for that if and when I order my next one! Although I also want to get a basic navy at some point...hmm, decisions decisions... All I need now is money.
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B completely jealous of your measurements. Goodness me, why? I have a hell of time trying to find clothes that fit most of the time...
Thanks folks! Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Just to let you know, I would have put you closer to 6'0. The pant length is perfect, IMO. I can only attribute that fact to the flattering cut and my photography skills, heh. Regarding the trousers, I just double-checked my body measurements against a pair of well-fitting trousers I already owned. I highly recommend doing the same if you want a good fit. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Got my charcoal flannel 2B yesterday and am absolutely delighted with it. The colour and material is great and it fits like a dream. Definitely one of the best fitting pieces of clothing I've ever owned. For reference, I'm 5'7", 34" chest and 28" waist. (Seriously. Thank god for MTM.) edit: I realise I should be showing some shirt cuff here, but unfortunately all I have is this crappy white shirt with sleeves that are too short. It's not a fault of the suit.
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