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I always prefer fewer fittings ... then spending time with my tailor over dinner ... on me, of course.
Decades ago I asked my cutter, Colin Harvey, to make a black funeral suit for me. He replied, "I'm sure you mean charcoal grey." To this day there is no black suit in my wardrobe. Even my dinner suits are midnight blue. 12345Michael54321 offers excellent advice when it comes to color and pattern.
The London tailors I have used -- Richard Anderson, Anderson & Shepherd, Huntsman, Dege, etc -- provide a truly bespoke suit. The cost is upwards of $4K (possibly more as I never ask) and there will be multiple fittings. Of course, if meeting with them only on their trips to the United States, it can take a year or more to receive the final product. Unless one also frequently travels to London -- to speed up the process -- the fittings will be accomplished every four...
Thread's first post:Manton, if only you'd waited an election cycle. How on target you were.The Southern Strategy has finally claimed the GOP is full.
Richard Anderson is there ... oh ... what ... three times a year? Most of the London tailors visit New York.
If it's a hip wallet ... perhaps a year ... maybe a little longer. Breast wallets last for many years. I don't believe in spending a fortune on a wallet. I buy my hip wallets from Scuola del Cuoio in Florence. They look good and are reasonably priced. I buy my breast wallets from Ettinger. They are a bit costly but I'm going to go easy on them and they last a long time.
I would say that is generally true in Berkeley ... or I thought it was until the evening incident at my house. Besides, I grew my marijuana in the back yard.
One other incident with the Berkeley police before we left town: We had a knock at the door well after dark. It was a Berkeley policeman. He informed me that we had lights on in our crawl space. I guess he could see the light through the underfloor vents. I thanked him, mentioned that I'd shut them off and went to close the door. He stopped me from closing the door and asked to come in. I never consent to allowing the police in my house or to search my car ... there...
Lawyerdad, I spent nearly thirty years living in Berkeley. In my time there, I -- and many of my friends -- feel law enforcement changed from helpful -- if not exactly friendly -- to less than helpful and officious ... downright aggressive at times. Perhaps that is true of many places, but it's certainly not the case in the communities where I live now. I might add that prior to leaving town we suffered a theft. A significant artwork was taken. I wanted to file a...
I will always remember being at a backyard party in Berkeley when a woman misstepped and fell down a short flight of stairs. Her husband reached our to grab here but wasn't quick enough. A nosy neighbor witnessed this and from her angle thought the husband pushed his wife. The police were called and we did our best to explain to the cops, but they weren't listening. Before it was all over they very aggressively threatened to arrest us all. A couple of people laughed...
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