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I'm in Berkeley this week and had Cheese Board Pizza today! That said, these days I more typically split my time between island living in the Pacific Northwest and a little enclave a bit north of San Diego. Good to hear from you.
A quick hello and a photo of an invite to remind one of the former SF glory days. Notice the dress code.
I'm not sure who made it but this bag was retailed by Paul Stuart back in the 80s. I'd love to have more luggage like this. Not sure why I'm posting ... I know this is an old thread. Sadly these kinds of treads are no more.
To this day I'll still pick up a well kept piece of vintage Ghurka / Marley Hodgson when I find it.I have pieces as follows:The Express / No2 in the twill (an olive).The Examiner / No 5 in all leather (chestnut).The Kilburn III / No 157 in the dobie weave twill (olive)The Valet / No 45 in twill (tan).And Gus, you are right ... the twill (especially the tan) gets dirty quickly.Some years back I had a No2 in all chestnut leather with me on an overnight trip down to L.A....
A bottle of 1982 Chateau Latour ... thanks to a friend who bought it years ago!
Sorry I'm late to the party. To answer the original question: Do Not Like.
I have a strong preference for my Aldens from the 1980s.
Thank you, fellows, for the tips. I'll look further. I did call the hotel ... new management ... new bath products. Dang! I'll start with the blue bottles ... although I'm remembering yellow. Also turns our that AdP offers a hotel line ... all in yellow of course. Maybe I should bite the bullet and try smelling the whole lot.
Thank you for your answer. My hope is to find the Acqua di Parma fragrance that is similar to the Roger & Gallet fragrance I referenced. But if I don't ... the R&G may be a substitute.
Selecting a scent can be difficult for me. After smelling one or two my nose is 'shot'. A while back I stayed in a hotel that offered bath products in an Acqua di Parma scent that I really liked. I should have written down the name but I didn't and I've had no luck finding it. Just this past week I was in a hotel that supplied the bath with Roget & Gallet's Jean Marie Farina products. The scent was similar to -- but stronger than -- the Acqua di Parma scent I liked. ...
New Posts  All Forums: