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Like Byfords as well. Just looking for different color combinations.
I'm looking for Argyle socks in wool (wool/nylon blend) of a high quality. Colors of particular interest are greens, olives, browns, taupes ... with other colors accenting ... and especially combinations of greens and browns. I'm hoping that some of you know of stores that carry them. I've tried Ben Silver and Paul Stuart ... wanting to find a few more sources that might be new to me or have slipped my mind.
If Burlington socks suit your needs, they obviously work for you. And I certainly am not questioning their longevity. I should have been more specific, I'm looking for a finer quality of craftsmanship.
Thanks for the suggestion. Looking for finer quality.
Always enjoy the chattiness of this place. ;-)
E-mail by SF member indicates Palatino. Thanks for the fast reply.
Ben Silver carries the wool and nylon(?) Argyle socks pictured below (top photo), I'm wondering if anyone knows who makes them. There was a time I could also find them at Paul Stuart and Mettez ... but I haven't been in either stone in a while and I don't see them on either website. The reason I ask is that this brand has Argyles in other colors ... and it's those colors that I happen to like. There was a great one in dark green, olive and red-orange ... and another in...
Boychoir with Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates. It's not outstanding, but it is most enjoyable. . . .
I'm in Berkeley this week and had Cheese Board Pizza today! That said, these days I more typically split my time between island living in the Pacific Northwest and a little enclave a bit north of San Diego. Good to hear from you.
A quick hello and a photo of an invite to remind one of the former SF glory days. Notice the dress code.
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