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Boys, boys ... fighting in public is so ... lacking. Take it to CE.
You might note to your Bible friend that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Paul did, but he was rather a mess and could have used a shrink himself. As to that scarf, if it is of mixed fibers, you may have a problem from an Old Testament point of view ... but it has nothing to do with homosexuality. See Leviticus 19:19. I can only imagine that your bud has been guilty of this abomination many, many times in terms of the garments (never mind he won't wear a scarf) he...
I was told not to name drop.
I'm of the opinion that such a note MUST be by hand. And I'll be honest, I pay little to no attention to the writer's penmanship. It's what s/he says that counts.
Of course, but given the way you worded this question, I suggest that you go into analysis to get you past your sexual insecurities.
This will be somewhere between extraordinarily difficult and impossible. Good luck. The City? London, New York, San Francisco?
A former client's granddaughter is a girl scout. I think I'm in for a mixed case of samoas, trefoils, & thin mints.
I recently stopped in at a NY thrift store to try on a cashmere Kiton coat in a beautiful blue tweed. The fit was great so I took it ... but that's not the bragging part. When I got home I found a 1 oz Krugerrand that had somehow gotten into the lining.
I have to admit, when I had my last dinner coat made, I just asked the tailor to make one ... and didn't worry about lapel. I got peaked. I'm fine with that ... I have more important things to worry about.
I spend most of my time up and down the West Coast these days ... but if I really want to be 'somewhere' ... I head for New York.
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