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Is it possible to delete all mail from the trash folder? I am no longer participating and I prefer it not be there.
Unless you actually own cattle, cowboy boots are not appropriate business casual even in Texas (or any other cattle producing state).
I concur with JayJay and AlexE. Besides, it's YOUR work.
It's nice to see this thread resurrected. I still love these shoes. Nice addition BeSpiffington. Remeny, come back and post pics when you get them.
I hear you.This is why I have a more economical car I use professionally. It must be good enough to park out front of the client's house ... but cannot challenge what they are driving.
Good Lord, I must get out more. There is not one name on that list I recognize.
Some degree of ego is essential if one is to be successful in business. Listen to Buddha.Of course, if I don't start dieting, I'm going to resemble that remark.
In real life, personality and likability are as important as ability. In a movie, it's all about the bad guy we love to hate.
When I am dressed for work about the house ... in, say khaki trousers and a canvas work shirt ... I actually like leaving the shirt unbuttoned and showing a bit of crew neck T-shirt. It has a fresh all-American look.
There is nothing 'eff-you' or excessively egotistical about the look of upr_crust.
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