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Although there are certainly better and more expensive shoes ... a $400 pair of Allen Edmond's or Alden's will do the job ... even in the boardroom. I'll never forget sitting in the Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue being fitted for a pair of Alden's. The man next to me -- also buying a pair -- said something about them being nice shoes for a young man like me. This was perhaps 40 years back. That man was David Rockefeller. If they are good enough for him, they are...
Happened to me last week. After I complained it was discovered that the package was left at a house down the street ... one with an address having the same numbers as mine but transposed.
You could always charge more ... or start the bidding higher ... and offer free shipping. There is something magic about 'free' ... even if it's just shipping.
Neither of the shoes pictured in the opening post is appropriate for business. Moreover, none of the three brands you mention are 'top end' shoes.
Good advice. At least tell him that you don't plan to commission anything. Be upfront and honest; it's always the best policy. Then if he he has time to 'give' you ... well, that's different.
Thank you, Mr. Claymore, but I have nothing to contribute to this thread. I was never a customer of Gennaro Paone ... and I'm not a Rubinacci client. Moreover, I just don't keep up with tailoring anymore. I'll leave the discussion to those who know.
Lately I've taken to wearing a very plain vintage IWC in steel. I love the simplicity. It's not an attention grabber ... and that is quite a plus. I haven't been here since this date last year -- it's an annual visit these days -- so not sure if adding a photo will work or not.
Is it possible to delete all mail from the trash folder? I am no longer participating and I prefer it not be there.
Unless you actually own cattle, cowboy boots are not appropriate business casual even in Texas (or any other cattle producing state).
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