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i like jean shop a lot. their slim fit is very close to the duke. and they come in 13.5 oz which is pretty lightweight.
yo stazy we e-famous http://fuckyeahstyleforum.tumblr.com/post/28710322039/the-battle-of-delusional-sw-d-posters
no bueno, tell him to poast more.
i think you would benefit from cleaned up sideburns and just and overall shorter haircut.
Wish the black leather had tonal stitching , but these look great
pants are fine. but the hair gel is unforgivable
I use Nor-v-gen and I've noticed that it doesn't darken the leather very much..
"Usually, the prefix “over” doesn’t signify good things – overbearing, overdose, overbite. " this is probably the shittiest sentence I have ever read. props on the mention though.
i think you're wrong but i do think that cardigan is hideous.
New Posts  All Forums: