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also, in many cases china makes a higher quality product than america. there are several different types of factories in china. government owned are usually the worse. foreign owned factories are among the best in the world. in terms of overseas manufacturing, the progression from 3rd world to 1st world. japan -> korea -> taiwan -> china -> brazil & india. funny how japanese goods are now regarded as the best in the world when once they were treated with the same...
quoted for truth.so much misinformation in this thread.everyone that still thinks china uses "slave labor" should take a class in global supply chain.
you are so misinformed.
my feet are completely flat to the ground. the most comfortable boots i own are alden indy's. i do have custom orthotics though. its still hard to wear dress shoes though because the orthotic pushes my foot to high up and my heel slips out the back of the shoe. I suppose I can get dress orthotics that are slimmer. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?
nicely said.
so would you recommend sizing up on the snuff suede? my indys in 11 are perfect.
bump bump i want more stories
so, are you going to be selling knives?
Retailed for like 300. Immaculate quality.
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