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does the sulfur smell ever go away?
Alden Indy sz. 11. You know the boot. Will have actual pictures tonight.
Nice Collective Carbon Combat boots in a size 11. hardly worn, these fit an 11.5 to 12. Hit me up with offers. These are really rare, and they don't make them in the military green colorway anymore.
I thought orange selvedge was copyrighted by jean shop.
also, in many cases china makes a higher quality product than america. there are several different types of factories in china. government owned are usually the worse. foreign owned factories are among the best in the world. in terms of overseas manufacturing, the progression from 3rd world to 1st world. japan -> korea -> taiwan -> china -> brazil & india. funny how japanese goods are now regarded as the best in the world when once they were treated with the same...
quoted for truth.so much misinformation in this thread.everyone that still thinks china uses "slave labor" should take a class in global supply chain.
you are so misinformed.
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