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I do, you can get a viewfinder as an add-on. It's a great little camera. this guy shoots exclusively w/ a gr2/3 I think.
what program do you draw in? photoshop?
Looking to buy a beford jacket in size large, hopefully wool or moleskine, not nylon or ripstop. Please let me know!
Amazing runway piece a couple of fall collections ago. f/w 2011, its like wearing a toaster oven. Ridiculously warm lambswool with a gorgeous knit design.
Amazingly warm N. Hollywood Knit Sweater. Gorgeous. Was a runway piece a couple of fall collections ago.
Number Nine Cords. Gorgeous Heavyweight Drawstring Cords. Amazing color. worn maybe a dozen times and cold washed. No fading whatsoever.
Number (N)ine Cords. Size medium I think. Haven't worn them since that fit pic in 2010... Fits a size 32 waist perfectly.
N Hoolywood Knit Sweater. Super duper warm.
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