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Thanks guys much appreciated
Nice work - you have inspired me to get my home shop organized and start this rewarding hobby up again - I recently moved and just had electrician here to supply power to my garage so I could powered up the tools - BPT millers are great ! glad to know I'm not the only one working wood with them. Good luck with new projects, I'll be trying for the next month or so just to make the room in garage
If they were 9.5 USA I would take them !
my wife and I were very lucky this past October to find a lake house of her, now our dreams, Since the snow is gone and the lake has thawed,I'm looking for a rowing shell to get some workouts on the water can anyone offer some information or experience with manufacturers and or recommend a maker? I'm in CT Fairfield county and am also looking for a shop or dealer?
It's always good to have the skills or at least the inclination - I did allot of reading and research, what it really came down to for me was having the time, the nights and weekend thing gets old, so if someone takes it one plan on more time than you think - it always takes longer and something always comes up. Also I don't want to have anyone misunderstand that this kind of thing is not allot of work for sure it is!, many many loads of old mud job tile out of the house...
I have seen this before at an estate sale here in CT. The old gent that was selling his used it for booz - may not be correct use, however seemed to work very well for him. Use it for what fits in in and what you need to carry
yeah - and I really enjoyed the process, have moved on to other things around the house, but the bathroom was the most involved. also added a 1/2 bath. keeps me off the shrink couch
10X10X8' gutted to studs and joists and rafters, new walker zanger heated marble floor, steam shower, whirlpool jetted tube, all jado fixtures, kohler tub, toilet , sink white subway tiles 4'up walls with Walker zanger chair rail cap - 6" cove and crown moldings, 3/4"t&G marine grade plywood on floor, new joist at 8"OC, insulated all walls plus steam shower and under tub, Robern medicine cabinet. bids came in at 25-35K - I did it all myself for $14,500 best money I ever...
Victorinox - Fibrox line - also their forged line. If you develop good knife skills and the knives you have are truly sharp, you can do a lot with a paring knife and a small chefs knife - I have see thousands of dollars on kitchen counters, and many many styles of blades and makers - when your good with a knife, you really don't need that many. check out Andre Solter on YOUTUBE talking about knives - he sums it all up.
give him $37.95 and a rubber band
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