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Quote: Originally Posted by BostonMD Hey guys, I have an extra Gap red chambray in a size Small. Brand new, never worn, but taken out of plastic bag that I purchased from the online site. $55 CONUS. I like how you posted a Gap shirt FS in a JCrew thread. Most here like the Jcrew red chambray far more than the gap one.
Wash them. Put them in freezer. Fabreeze. Search.
Wow, that shirt looks great. Don't know if I could justify the high price tag for it though...
$330 for a pair of jeans that has been shortened by over 8 inches? Most people buy Diors to stack, which is obviously not possible with this pair.
Older miata, hands down.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Have some $$ in two small cap pharmas. ATM they are proving to be mistakes. But not a mistake til I sell Haha, that's what I tell myself too. Unrealized gains/losses until I sell.
Dialect is a variety of a certain language. There may be different words/slang for that specific region. Accent is just the pronunciation of the same words of a language depending on geographical location.
Quote: Originally Posted by gungadin25 I haven't invested in the stock market in over two years now. At first, I was saving for a down payment on a house and did not want to risk it in the stock market. Then I decided a house in my part of town wasn't worth it and the stock market crashed. Then the subsequent bull market seemed too ridiculous so I didn't invest anything then. Looking back, I could have totally screwed myself by buying in before the...
Quote: Originally Posted by TotesMcGotes I should be getting mine back from the tailor today, I got a small but it was huge all around so i basically had him chop it up. I had him taper the sleeves bring in the sides and shorten the length, hopefully I didn't go overboard. Wow, how much is all that costing you?
Seriously, just buy what you like and wear it. Who cares if its a trend or not, if you think you can pull it off, go for it. At your height/weight, they should be pretty easy to pull off.
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