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Quote: Originally Posted by gasoline I picked up the grey XS about a month ago, saw the red on sale so I snagged it in XS as well. The red is about a size smaller than the grey although they are both marked XS so now it's my GF's sweater. Maybe an anomaly but I'd try them on first. Those were my findings as well, however I saw a grey XS on sale the other day and tried it on, and surprisingly, it fit just as well as the red.
Jacket is fake.
What's the leg opening measurement on the Diors? Can I see some fit pics too?
You can only use student discount on full price items, but I heard if you purchased a final sale item + a regular priced item, the student discount would apply to the total order.
SOLD. Mods please delete.
I actually got the same size as I do in shirts (XS) and the red one fits me great. I'm not sure if it was because of the color or just a difference in production, but the grey one fit worse, it was about 1" longer and 1" wider in the body, making it not as fitted.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles I'm pretty sure he still sells on eBay but I was just at the Lenox Square J. Crew and thru had a ton of the sale madras shirts and were offering an extra 20% off all sale items. In other news I sprung for the indigo dyed sun-faded fleece. I tried on he red version and loved the feel/fit but was completely indifferent to the color. Will update once it arrives Please do update since I've been interested...
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint no idea. it's 98 right now and wasn't in the store a few weeks ago when i was there. looked for the grey one but they didn't have it. Isn't the white Chambray on sale now for $78? http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...4512/24512.jsp I still want the grey one though, but don't want to pay the premium $98 for it.
The linen gingham actually fits better than the red chambray. Sleeves are a little baggier than most of their other shirts, but still nothing to complain about. It's a great shirt, but it does get hot.
Quote: Originally Posted by CEE88 Also impulse-purchased a shawl-collar cardi in black, which I couldn't find online (style #25891). It's apparently a new item, thus regular price of $98. It's in a thickish, tightly-woven cotton with two lower pockets & one on the chest, and looks absolutely great. Perfect for cool evenings. Picked this up a while ago as well when I saw it in store. It's a great piece and is very versatile.
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