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Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint no idea. it's 98 right now and wasn't in the store a few weeks ago when i was there. looked for the grey one but they didn't have it. Isn't the white Chambray on sale now for $78? http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...4512/24512.jsp I still want the grey one though, but don't want to pay the premium $98 for it.
The linen gingham actually fits better than the red chambray. Sleeves are a little baggier than most of their other shirts, but still nothing to complain about. It's a great shirt, but it does get hot.
Quote: Originally Posted by CEE88 Also impulse-purchased a shawl-collar cardi in black, which I couldn't find online (style #25891). It's apparently a new item, thus regular price of $98. It's in a thickish, tightly-woven cotton with two lower pockets & one on the chest, and looks absolutely great. Perfect for cool evenings. Picked this up a while ago as well when I saw it in store. It's a great piece and is very versatile.
Those are not skinny jeans, but they are tight on you...
Pure is cool if you like techno/trance/house. I'll most likely be at XS this Sat. Forum shops at Caesars, new mall that just opened up, and shops inside Wynn are the places I would check out.
Tcolberg - The small fits a lot better than the Medium, but maybe try not tucking the shirt in as much, so there's more room near the collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by BostonMD Hey guys, I have an extra Gap red chambray in a size Small. Brand new, never worn, but taken out of plastic bag that I purchased from the online site. $55 CONUS. I like how you posted a Gap shirt FS in a JCrew thread. Most here like the Jcrew red chambray far more than the gap one.
Wash them. Put them in freezer. Fabreeze. Search.
Wow, that shirt looks great. Don't know if I could justify the high price tag for it though...
$330 for a pair of jeans that has been shortened by over 8 inches? Most people buy Diors to stack, which is obviously not possible with this pair.
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