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Major price drops. Priced to move.
Quote: Originally Posted by nycxandy Has anyone purchased C&J's from Robert Old (http://www.robertold.co.uk/acatalog/Shoes.html) before? Unlike Bodiley's or Pediwear, there appears to be an availability of various sizes for many shoes. x2 Anyone have experience ordering from them before? They have some in stock I'd like to get my hands on.
1. APC New Standards Sz 28 - Black I am the second owner of these. Previous owner supposedly wore these for 3 months. I have probably put 25-30 wears on these in the year I've owned them. Have been soaked, never washed. Denim is still hard and has no signs of fading. Measurements: Waist (lying flat): 15.5" Thigh (13" down from waist): 9.5" Knee: 7.75" Hem: 7.5" $110 shipped to CONUS. PM me for other shipping rates. 2. Jcrew sun faded Oxford slim...
Up. Added another pair and price drops across the board.
Father's day Price drops! First and second pair are pending sale. Guys, treat yourself to a nice pair of shoes for father's day!
Price drop. Get a great shirt at a low price!
Which store Namor?
These? They look good at $350.
Link is working fine for me. Wonder how much the discount will be compared to pedi/plal.
Added new shoes, so I hope that qualifies for a late night bump.
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