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Hard to tell from that angle.
Shoulders look a tad big and sleeves may be a bit short. It's hard to tell since your shirt sleeves are too long though. Button stance is also high, and never do the bottom button.
A Brand new, never worn Magnanni Loafers Sz 8 US. Pictures speak for themselves, these are fantastic shoes. Blake stitching with great nail patterns. Pick these up for the summer! Price includes shipping to CONUS. PM for shipping elsewhere. These do not come with shoe trees/original box. Thanks for looking. :happy:
I have found the same to be true as well. The ESF was too tight in the chest but the SF was too baggy. Guess BB fits are not made for everyone. I suggest going with the SF and then getting it tapered/darted.
Doing too much.
Bump for price drop.
4th of July price drops.
Wow, laceless oxfords? Terrible. Do NOT buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman Spoo is there a particular name for that kind of tie? I've seen a few on this thread recently, some on you, and I suspect it's a cotton tie brought out by the summer but just wondered if there was a descriptive beyond 'solid textured cotton tie'. Nice pic BTW. Believe that is a Drakes raw silk tie. I have the same one.
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