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Definitely not. As it is, the suit is already slim, if you take the waist in, the lapels will start to bow out even more.
pit to pit: 18.5"across waist: 16.5"Sleeve from shoulder: 25"length from middle of back to cuff: 34"
If you know about RLPL tailored fit shirts, you already know how slim this shirt fits. Worn twice, so still fairly new, but is too small for me. Well made shirt in Italy with soft fabric, spread collar, and button cuffs. Shipping to continental U.S. is included. PM for shipping elsewhere or with any questions. Thanks.
Shoes have been worn only three times with minimal use. Still in great condition, would keep the shoes, but they are too small for me. Link to shoe can be seen...
Definitely return it asap. Shoulders are funny shaped, and sizing up would just make it too large in the chest/waist area.
No. Jcrew factory sucks.
I have the hale's in Chili and absolutely love them. They go with everything from your darker greys and blues to khaki.
On a 3 button jacket, the sometimes-always-never rule applies to sometimes buttoning the top button, always the middle, and never the bottom one.
Post pictures. The suit should be slim but still be comfortable enough to move around in.
The 38 is definitely too small for you in the shoulders and it's pulling across the back. 39 fits better but still looks a tad small for some reason.
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