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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I'm on the fence. I really like the shirt in the catalog pix. But a-rock's shirt is great too. Here's a concept... gasp... I buy both?! Just got the Madras shirt in today. It looks and fits great! Probably the best fitting shirt I have from Jcrew.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Just got these in. I like them but I still don't really understand what all the raw denim hype is about and hopefully this pair can last me through college (reason why I sized up). Definitely could have went true to size but the key is I hope this pair of jeans can last a couple of years of daily wear so that's why I sized up. My camera is acting up so I hope to post some fit pics up. Why would you buy...
Those fullgrain Cuttlers are pretty nice.
FWIW, I think the gstar jeans look better on you than the Nudies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Whamm PM Sent. Replied.
IME, I haven't found any cut < $200 that is remotely close to the DH 19cm cut. They're either too wide in the thigh or not tapered enough. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
Vans Vault Era Wingtips added.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert So who's feelin the luv for this shirt? I believe I am. I just picked up that shirt last week. I wasn't sure if it would look good on me, but when I tried it on, I was in love. The other shirt posted is good too, but a little too bright for me to pull off. Funny how the SA was telling me that madras shirt was very "burberry-esque".
How do these fit compared to Dior 19cms?
Measurements? Why are you selling?
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