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How did the ESEF compare to the APC NS in terms of fit?
half an hr
More price drops!
No regrets with the red chambray. Definitely a nice piece, but the buttons do suck and fall off pretty easily. Nothing a little thread and needle can't fix though. I also have the lodestar madras and love both of these shirts!
Good price. If only these were a couple sizes smaller...
Dimensions please?
Added Vans boat shoes.
Price drops across the board.
Quote: Originally Posted by xanatos I really really don't like that green madra. I don't know why it makes me nausous and not in ew it's a fashion disaster but uh in an OCD way. I need to post pics of my reddish blueish yellow madra. I don't know what it's called don't see it on the web. But it's soooo slim. Me and an SA were talking about how slim cut it is than anything these produced. Yes, please post pics asap. These madras shirts are...
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