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More price drops right before cinco de mayo.
Nice comeup!
Bump. Price drops.
Didn't like them? I have these on order too.
Yeah, the madras' this season are definitely on point, I have two myself (seabluff and lodestar). I just also picked up the sun faded oxford in green and it's awesome. The texture is one of the best feeling I've seen in a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten This may have been answered in the thread, but do the button up shirts run large, small or true to size? I live in Canada so there isn't any J.Crew nearby for me to try out. Thanks! What is your height/weight? Depending on this and how you like your shirts to fit you sound like you're an in-betweener. If you want a more fitted look, you can go XS and cold wash the shirts and hang dry or if you want a...
Yes, APCs are notorious for fast fades and KMWs are quite the opposite. Nothing shocking really, have you soaked them yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Definitely with some breathing room. Yup, don't want any buttons popping off. Luckily for me, XS fits me perfectly.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun pretty sure it was based on the original new standards... 19cms were based off the original cure. Skinny jeans are fine, as long as they don't cut off circulation to the package area/thighs/calves and don't make you walk funny.
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