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Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell That M3 is beauiful Bill! I've thought about trying my hand at developing, but it just doesn't seem worth it in my case. There is actually a local place (thanks Robbie) that does b&w and C-41 for reasonable prices. Under $5 to develop b&w and about $3.50 to put them on CD (1200x1800). They also do hi-res scans (2988x4464) for $2 each. For color I am thinking of just going with Mpix. That's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Thanks to some of the above posters for the ass kicking; it was much needed I admit. I'm just going to take out loans. Instate is 8 grand a year, so the last four years will be $32,000 all together; I def don't believe that roughly $60000 is too much for tuition. I do plan to work whilst going through school, and I am working and saving right now. I don't have to worry with rent since my brother will let me...
Next question for the studio audience, how many of you send your film off to a lab or go do it yourself at least for black and white like me. I am equally comfortable shooting with Kodak Plus X and Tri-x and Ilford FP4 and HP5 using Xtol or D76 1+1 and if I want to push Tri-x to 3200 I stand develop with Rodinal 1+100 for two hours.
Nice camera collection Nantucket Red, my brother has a weak spot for Leicaflexes and older M bodies but his main format of choice these days is 4x5 with either a Graflex Speed Graphic or a Linhoff Super Technica.
Some sage advice: Since you pulled the plug on this engagement and five year relationship, I don't think your former love is going to welcome you will open arms. I would work on yourself for a while and move on.
A good film SLR, I am partial to manual focus and I would recommend someone who wants to dabble get a Nikon FM, a AiS 28 f2.8, 50 f1.4 and the legendary 105 f2.5 lens. I shoot black and white (mostly Tri-x and Plus X) and process and print via enlarger at home. Now I am a big fan of vintage Nikon and this gives you an idea Of course my favourite camera in my colleciton is this, my dad's Leica M3: My photography can be found at:...
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell While searching for non-ai glass... http://cgi.ebay.com/Nikon-2-8-6mm-Fi...lenotsupported That's one badboy fisheye lens.
I have to choose?? As a visitor to both NYC and Chicago I love them both for different reasons.
I have a very pale blue Facconable pinpoint oxford shirt, more in the sport/casual side, good quality, the fit is trim but not super trim. Pays to try one on and see for yourself. I like the shirt a lot, and I would probably buy Facconable shirts again in the future.
I would not worry that much with a brand like IWC it is pretty much the opposite of bling. Most people outside of watch collector circles would have no idea what the letters even stand for. Muggers are much more interested in Rolex, your cell phone, plastic, and the keys to your car.
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