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Depends where. Personally I would go with the blazer a nice dress shirt, dark rinse jeans and brown loafers if it's a dinner date with someone special, a suit and tie would be overkill. The only time I would go out to eat with full suit and tie would be for business and even then it would be for closing a deal, I would go more casual if it's after a sports event.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum Hey how feasible is it to scan negatives and print either digitally or selectively to conserve costs. I was thinking of buying a good quality scanner so i didnt have to waste money on an enlarger and buying all the chemicals. I mean it's fun for awhile, but very resource and time consuming and I don't have too much time (or space for my own photo room, although I can develop the film pretty easily). A...
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell That M3 is beauiful Bill! I've thought about trying my hand at developing, but it just doesn't seem worth it in my case. There is actually a local place (thanks Robbie) that does b&w and C-41 for reasonable prices. Under $5 to develop b&w and about $3.50 to put them on CD (1200x1800). They also do hi-res scans (2988x4464) for $2 each. For color I am thinking of just going with Mpix. That's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Thanks to some of the above posters for the ass kicking; it was much needed I admit. I'm just going to take out loans. Instate is 8 grand a year, so the last four years will be $32,000 all together; I def don't believe that roughly $60000 is too much for tuition. I do plan to work whilst going through school, and I am working and saving right now. I don't have to worry with rent since my brother will let me...
Next question for the studio audience, how many of you send your film off to a lab or go do it yourself at least for black and white like me. I am equally comfortable shooting with Kodak Plus X and Tri-x and Ilford FP4 and HP5 using Xtol or D76 1+1 and if I want to push Tri-x to 3200 I stand develop with Rodinal 1+100 for two hours.
Nice camera collection Nantucket Red, my brother has a weak spot for Leicaflexes and older M bodies but his main format of choice these days is 4x5 with either a Graflex Speed Graphic or a Linhoff Super Technica.
Some sage advice: Since you pulled the plug on this engagement and five year relationship, I don't think your former love is going to welcome you will open arms. I would work on yourself for a while and move on.
A good film SLR, I am partial to manual focus and I would recommend someone who wants to dabble get a Nikon FM, a AiS 28 f2.8, 50 f1.4 and the legendary 105 f2.5 lens. I shoot black and white (mostly Tri-x and Plus X) and process and print via enlarger at home. Now I am a big fan of vintage Nikon and this gives you an idea Of course my favourite camera in my colleciton is this, my dad's Leica M3: My photography can be found at:...
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell While searching for non-ai glass... http://cgi.ebay.com/Nikon-2-8-6mm-Fi...lenotsupported That's one badboy fisheye lens.
I have to choose?? As a visitor to both NYC and Chicago I love them both for different reasons.
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