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Look at Brooks Brothers.
I wore some short sleeve madras shirts ten years ago and then flipped over more to to polo shirts. I think I might find one or two to wear this year.
MDX all the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Nah. Too much trouble and I don't want to do any post-manufacture mucking around. By the way, have you seen the new basic 42mm Radiomirs with the new seconds-only inhouse P.999 movement? The titanium one even comes with gold hands. I haven't been so interested in a new Panerai in a long time. PAM338: I never thought I would like Panerais but I am really digging this Radiomir.
For that reason I am very leery having stuff shipped via UPS or Fed Ex. At one employer I had a standing arrangement with accounts payable to forward any outstanding invoices for duties and brokerage to me. I was not the only person to shop online at work and as long as my name and work phone number was on the paper work, it was good.
Lay off the beer, do cardio and a weight regime at least four days a week and you will see some results in two to three months.
Been wearing my Omega Seamaster Deville over the past few days.
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg 1+ How about a little GO Sixties? My favourite out of the GO line up.
They're not dead, just pining for the fiords of Norway. I wear deck shoes in the Summer and I don't have an issue with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular 501s, white OCBD and the DJ. Three coward classics that never go out of style... You can never go wrong with this combination.
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