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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I have a soft spot for the really boring early 70s sedans. I dig those old '70s sedans, along with the 280 SL Convertible back when MB were built like tanks.
I would also recommend the Stone Roses, Talking Heads and especially The Jam.
Shuggie Otis has to be one of the most under appreciated artists from the '70s had more talent in his baby toe than all current bands and artists today put together. Tragic, he pulled a Brian Wilson with his follow up album, got cut from his label in the mid '70s and fell into obscurity until David Byrne from the Talking Heads re-released Inspiration Information.
Price independent, the Darlingtons for sure. AE makes other Wingtips.
Another vote for Big Star, Shuggie Otis
For me double vents all the way on my suit jackets, they make me look good, really good. I find single vent suits are worn by people who just don't care how they look other than to conform to a "professional attire" dress code and they just look frumpy.
Wear the suit, leave the tie at home.
Considering your age and you want a watch that is both dressy and well take the harsh rigors of every day living How about the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra or the Deville Co-Axil. Other options if your parents balk at the price: Oris Artellier Stowa Antena 365 Muhle Glashutte 29r I too am not much a fan of Cartier for watches.
I would keep it as simple as possible because while all those complications are neat, they will be a bitch to get fixed down the road especially if you are getting into Patek or Blancpain. I would look into: Rolex Submariner Omega Aqua Terra. Glashutte Senator Sixties Jeager Le Coultre Master Grand Taille IWC Pilot UTC If you are on a budget (and we all are these days): Stowa Antena 365 with the chronometer movement Oris Artellier Longines...
I think it's a case of good money chasing after bad. I figure save some money, and get something decent.
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