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I am 40.
Worn a dress shirt with jeans so many times, I lost count ages ago.
For me, Eliza and Chelsea.
Who cares? You want to sweat your body weight off in 100+F heat, be my guest. I will be dressing for comfort.
Any over the top luxury flagship luxury sedan christened the Zeppelin is going to lead a short model life. So, will this car explode in New Jersey like the Hindenburg?
My advice, get a business degree, work in fashion retail on the side and be prepared to work like a dog at the other end. I worked for a large Canadian Department store that will remain nameless 15 years ago, the fashion buyers were responsible for a fair chunk of the chain's bottom line, screw up a season and out you go. I was on the hard goods side of the store head office and it was not quite as stressful.
I would look at the Aeron Chair or it's stablemate the Mirra
Quote: Originally Posted by chrome_dout All that $$$ people spent to get really expensive goods, only to be fake and shallow on the inside. I wonder how all the gold diggers out there will fare on their own. I think the the Gold Diggers will be asking, " Would you like the soup or salad with your meal?"
This being my second recession, I remember how the commentators were saying the decadence of the 1980s would never return during the recession of 1991-93, well it came back in spades in the late 1990s. So we are in a new period of austerity, this too shall pass.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Boyfriends and husbands are speed bumps, not roadblocks. I like that answer but seriously... When I was in university so many moons ago, it happened to me on a few occasions. Once after a month of flirtation in a poli sci class with one pretty brunette I was left wondering WTF happened after the "I have a boyfriend" answer got dropped. That bit of information stung a bit at the time, like everything,...
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