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Found out after the fact, maybe next time.
I used to own several pairs of Raybans years ago including Wayfarers that have long gone astray. Rayban suffers what other brands have, a master conglomerate trying to save money by cheaping out on manufacturing and materials. I look at lens technology first when investing in a pair of sunglasses. I prefer these days to buy Maui Jim, they have proper spectrum protection for the eyes and the frames are better made.
Considering what your budget is, I would take your dad to a well stocked watch dealer, the old Submariner and GMT model are the tried and true. However considering what you have to spend, you are also in IWC, Glasutte Original and Jeager Le Coultre country. Pateks are really nice but I find them a little dainty for the harsh rigors of everyday living.
I have rep tie with orange and blue and I have worn it in business situations on more than a few occasions.
I'm between jobs so I am wearing jeans and polo shirts, I have seen other members who wear suits use a cloth suit bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I really don't like single breasted PL suits. Am I the only one? You're amongst friends, I don't like the single breasted PL suits either, I think they will date too easily.
I love shooting Kodachrome from time to time but I am at heart a black and white guy. When Kodak shut Qualex down this year the pipeline from Canada to Dwanes got shut down and a local chain was charging I think $45 to get a roll of Kodachrome processed. Not cool, it's even tough to get E-6 processed in Toronto and I am doing research to do it at home. I also ran a roll of Ektar 100 through my Leica M3 last weekend, I can't wait to see how that turns out. I guess there...
I went to my 20 year high school reunion last year and I found the girls I went to school with look way hotter now then when we were young. Hate to break the news to you, we all get old. The secret is aging gracefully.
I am 40.
Worn a dress shirt with jeans so many times, I lost count ages ago.
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