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Recovering WASP Preppie crossed with corporate elite meets Bohemian Bourgoisie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Not so rare then. How about Montreal? Montreal would be good call but the weather can be really hit or miss before May. Take this from someone who spent his childhood growing up in Montreal. Another suggestion is Toronto, the recently expanded Art Gallery of Ontario has re-opened, The Royal Ontario Museum re-opened after renovations last year and there is a very strong arts and culture scene at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Just thought of another question. What are the major food markets downtown? I know there's one at/near Queen's Quay. Anything else? I'm used to the Jean-Talon and Atwater markets in Montreal. Being without that sort of thing would make me sad. St. Lawarence Market is our version of the Atwater Market and there is also Kensington Market as well.
Some shots from this past winter shot with a 40 year old Nikkormat and a 30 year old Nikon FM with real black and white film. Scans are taken from the negative and yes it was bitter cold out there when I took them.
Depends where, if I was commuting around downtown Toronto from April to November, a vintage Vespa so I can indulge in my inner mod.
I have four pairs of Chinos, used to have more when I was younger. Now I am wearing jeans (mostly dark rinse) more often as I become older (now 40). I work in a semi creative field so suits are for meeting with clients.
Just graduated from my Public Relations Diploma program in december which I have been doing at night at Ryerson University in Toronto and my last project ended back in November and it's been slog looking for work ever since people are a little hesitant to hire. I am doing some volunteering with a local arts group I founded three years ago and doing a lot of networking. Public Relations is in much better shape than advertising and Toronto is in pretty good shape compared to...
Mecha Streisand and the famous Scientology episode where Tom Cruise locks himself in the closet.
I dig the Audi A5 because I don't see too many on the road here. I think they got it right with the styling, besides, the BMW 3 series is a cliche in my part of the world
Seiko is that one sleeper brand I hope stays that way. With Swiss watchmakers taking their product further and further upmarket, I am looking at Seikos Japan only automatics with greater interest.
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