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Have a talk with your profs, they will be understanding and go. Who cares if you are wearing a suit or not, your family needs you and your presence will touch everyone.
I am reading Hukari Murakami's Last Sheep Chase.
Stay out of it and move on.
Not my prefered look, much prefer a spread collar with a tie. Button down collar shirts are casual in my opinion.
I'm doing about 5km runs three times a week. I just started running a month ago, so I am just up 5km now. I hope to go longer distances by the end of the Summer.
Toronto, Toronto all the way if you want to get ahead, it is a finance and media capital of Canada and by and large is poised to do well in the coming years with a reasonably diverse economy. I love Montreal, was born there, I still cheer for the Habs (just to piss off my friends) but the reality is the best years of the city of my birth are long behind it.
To get rid of the beer belly, start running, biking, hitting the elliptical machine at the gym. Cardio kills fat pretty good.
The Toronto Brooks Brother's store location will be a big hit with the Bay St. crowd locating under the Royal Bank of Canada's head office in the underground concourse. It will suck if you work out in the 'burbs in some office park in Mississauga or Markham. I am reserving judgement until they open in the fall. I figure Brooks Brothers might learn from their beachhead in Vancouver to get the merchandising right.
I am old enough to remember the 1980s the first time around, I don't need a flashback. The collar on the polo shirt stays down.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarity AK74 is the standard assault rifle for Russians now(as well as quite a few other countries), shoots rounds similar to the size as the m4s. Not familiar with how much it can be modified with addons like the m4. But they are pretty much used for the same purpose. SMGs are for close quarters combat. They could have been used on the show but obviously they chose shotguns. If you go to the special forces website...
New Posts  All Forums: