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Quote: Originally Posted by chrome_dout All that $$$ people spent to get really expensive goods, only to be fake and shallow on the inside. I wonder how all the gold diggers out there will fare on their own. I think the the Gold Diggers will be asking, " Would you like the soup or salad with your meal?"
This being my second recession, I remember how the commentators were saying the decadence of the 1980s would never return during the recession of 1991-93, well it came back in spades in the late 1990s. So we are in a new period of austerity, this too shall pass.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Boyfriends and husbands are speed bumps, not roadblocks. I like that answer but seriously... When I was in university so many moons ago, it happened to me on a few occasions. Once after a month of flirtation in a poli sci class with one pretty brunette I was left wondering WTF happened after the "I have a boyfriend" answer got dropped. That bit of information stung a bit at the time, like everything,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ccc123 Married (Happily) here; what is a retired swordsman to do, did I mention to my eyes she is a vision to behold, doest seem like a rabbit cooker either(fatal attraction). Do I pass and just be content with the knowledge that I could or.......... To quote the late Paul Newman in reference to his long marriage, "Why would I go out for hamburger when I have steak at home?" Yes this girl may be hot, we'll take...
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep Girls with daddy issues, which is where most of this stuff comes from, rarely will change unless the the original problem is remedied somehow. but perhaps that's not completely possible once a girl is grown up. Probably the most sensible answer on the whole thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Tusting Clipper bag. This tusting Bag is on my shopping list.
My sports watch suggestions: +1 IWC Pilot Chronograph +1 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Both previously mentioned and great watches. Other suggestions include: Sinn 203 St Chronograph Sinn U1 Dive Watch Tutima NATO dive watch Rolex Explorer II Now if you need a real sports watch where you won't have any tears if something goes really wrong: the Seiko SKX007.
Here's another: Oscar Peterson Trio- Live at Newport.
My suggestion is hit a Sunglass Hut in your local mall and try different frames on. With shades you do get what you pay for. I am partial to my Maui Jim Kahunas but I spend a lot of time outdoors so I want lenses that actually work and not look cool.
My Choices: Something Else-Cannonball Adderley Time Out-Dave Brubeck Jazz Impressions of New York-Brubeck The Cat- Jimmy Smith Kind of Blue- Miles Davis (no brainer) Miles Ahead-Miles Davis (one of my dad's favourite MD albums) Porgy and Bess- Miles Davis (another no brainer) 'Round Midnight- Miles Davis Sunday at the Village Vanguard- Bill Evans. John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk Live at Carneghie Hall Dave Brubeck and Jerry Mulligan live in Berlin. and this is...
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