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My collar stays stay in unless the shirt goes into the wash and for ironing.
Can you say straight to DVD? I knew you could.
I like what they are doing with the Signature line.
Quote: Originally Posted by echau Classic Datejust. Never could get into the two tone look.
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg Beautiful DJ. Very classic Date Just.
Grade 12 sometime back in 1986.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian TM Lewin hands down. Slim fits are fairly slim; at least slimmer than any mall brand slim fit I've tried. For Reference I'm an athletic 6'1", 195lb with a 41.5" Chest, 33" Waist, and 16" to 16.5" Neck. They have a great selection of colors and materials. I believe all the slim fits are double cuffed. After Sales (frequently 4 shirts for 90 GBP), shipping, and the favorable conversion rate at the...
Bear in mind everything is cyclical. Things will change at some point and the companies that still run overly lean to the point of being anorexic in their staffing levels risk increased turnover. I should also state I have seen this 18 years ago during the last recession just out of university and looking for work.
Ok, the only tuxedo that should be worn is the powder blue one your dad wore on his wedding day. If the future Mrs Smith crosses my path and we decide to make it official, I will spring for a bespoke charcoal three piece suit from Bulloch Tailors and aim for understated elegance.
I would rather get vintage an example from the 1970s or the 1980s with the 861 movement would be welcome in my watch collection.
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