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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I could go all-PS; I would not go all-RL, not because of quality of materials or workmanship, but because an all-RL wardrobe would kill me from boredom. PS has enough variety and quirkiness to satisfy me. I actually own more RL than PS, but only because I'm boring. I agree, I like PS because it's an interesting clothing line while RL is more bland.
I think Life on Mars (UK version was better) and the Sheild were the only two cop shows of recent note I liked to watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan there is so much bad information in here, i'm not even going to start. all i'm going to say is that film cameras look better. Agreed.
The two subjects in this digital vs film debate is obsolesence in both cameras and much more problematic is the files themselves. Do you want to drop $1800 for a decent body every three to five years? If you have a compusion to keep with the pace of camea evolution, it will cost you. Second Image files are much more temporary with digital compared to film. I remember listening to a program on technology called Spark on CBC Radio One, one person close to the subject of...
My vote is for the Omega Planet Ocean, there's a good chance you want to wear it in your fifties while the Bell and Ross will be sitting in a drawer somewhere.
50/50. I like both two and three button suits.
To add to this thread, does anyone know of a highquality drycleaner in the Oakville area.
Internationally: Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Nigerian Delta, Burma, Russia off the tourist path, Pakistan, Afganistan, in fact all the 'stans and North Korea. In North America: Texas.
That set of photos of Chicago blew my mind.
I heard Denise did have her implants removed and went on record saying she regretted getting them in the first place when she was a teen. Denise is looking mighty fine though.
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