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Quote: Originally Posted by ulim Feathers are the sharpest, but I suggest you gradually increase the sharpness of your blades until you figure out the brand/sharpness that gives you the closest shave without any irritation. If you are starting with the Merkur blades, try Derby, Gillette Platinums, then the Feathers. I would also take another look at your shaving technique and pre-shave preparation, since I think these probably affect the closeness...
I would look at the Golf (non GTI and no I will not call it a Rabbit) and the Jetta TDI, I am biased as I am a VW fan.
The Z3/M Roadster aged pretty well and I love the funky looking M coupe. I agree, this is the last BMW without the silly electronic accessories that plague current models.
Is concept that confuses everyone and is entirely subjective. If you work in more creative industry (advertising, PR, communications, Interactive, Marketing agency) and you are not seeing a client, dark rinse denim, nice pair of loafers or lace ups, dress shirt and a navy blazer. If you are in more conservative field, subsitute the jeans for chinos or dress pants. If you are off to visit a new client, wear the suit dress shirt tie and your shoes better be polished up.
Monty Python, Black Adder Fawlty Towers, Life On Mars.
The pilot is interesting and I like the premise. I hope ABC sticks with the show.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I can't say I am "tired" of this trend simply because it really doesn't impinge on my being. Fashions come and go. Timeless style and elegance endure indefinitely. Well said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger because she's a crazy skank with in the basement self esteem and a coke habit Sums it up, I wonder when Samantha gets the restraining order?
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean mid size and put the rest in the bank.
In case no one else posted, Thomas Pink shirts are available at Holt Renfrew's Bloor St. Flagship Store in Toronto. The classic fit is retailing for about $180 Cdn while the slim fit shirts are going for $210 aprox. Holts set up a TP boutique in the basement in the dress shirt department. Cheers Bill
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