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Ran 8.19km this morning.
I read the 1" stretch in their fit guide. The link is at the footer of the Gustin website.
I'm a 36 and went with the 35" Gustins and they are tight so I hope they stretch out an inch.
Ran 7KM this morning.
Ran 6.71km this morning at a 6 min 41 second per KM pace. Finally I'm getting my groove back.
Got back into my running groove after a summer of crappy weather and a cold.
Put an order in for the classic belt.
Ran 6.71KM this morning at a 7min per km pace after being off for almost four weeks courtesy a nasty Summer cold.
Thanks, cousin Lyn had a good run he was 94. I knew he was an aerospace engineer, I did not know he joined the RAF just before the war and before he got a medical discharge for TB in '42, flew coastal patrols hunting U-Boats, ferrying B-17s from Boeing's factory in Tacoma Washington to Scotland and was a flying instructor. The remainder of the war Lyn was a civilian test pilot putting De Havilland Mosquitos through their paces out of their Toronto facility while going to...
My Gustin broken weaves arrived today while I was at a funeral for a second cousin. Haven't put them on yet but they do look really nice, photos to come. Bill
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