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Ran 6.71km this morning, ran much better back on Monday with 10km. The weather in my part of the world has been up and down in terms of temperature and humidity.
I'm in Canada and so far all my Gustin packages have been duty free so far (knock on wood).
That's what I figured.
I'll take a couple when the belt lands.
A quick update, my straight fit Japan Standards are breaking in nicely, much more wearable in the space of a week. I had a hell of time with my pair of Cone Mill broken weave. My belt has just been dispatched so it should be arriving in two weeks going by past experience.
Ran another 9km this morning, a bit slower than yesterday but felt great.
Ran 9 KM today making 25km so far this week.
The princely total of $23 with Ontario HST and the $5 handling fee.
My Japan Standards arrived today, duty and tax free too. It's going to be a treat breaking these in. Which leads me to this question for those already owning a pair of Japan standards, how was the stretch/break in with yours?
I just got my Monetary madras shirt in this morning from Ratio, sat in the Canada Customs wing of the Canada Post Gateway Sorting facility for a week, got dinged $23 in taxes. Aside from that which was out of Ratio's and my control, the shirt is fantastic, well made and I will be buying from them again in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: