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Put an order in for the classic belt.
Ran 6.71KM this morning at a 7min per km pace after being off for almost four weeks courtesy a nasty Summer cold.
Thanks, cousin Lyn had a good run he was 94. I knew he was an aerospace engineer, I did not know he joined the RAF just before the war and before he got a medical discharge for TB in '42, flew coastal patrols hunting U-Boats, ferrying B-17s from Boeing's factory in Tacoma Washington to Scotland and was a flying instructor. The remainder of the war Lyn was a civilian test pilot putting De Havilland Mosquitos through their paces out of their Toronto facility while going to...
My Gustin broken weaves arrived today while I was at a funeral for a second cousin. Haven't put them on yet but they do look really nice, photos to come. Bill
Gustin shipped the broken weaves last week My guess, maybe this week? My jeans are going to arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday.
My standard fit broken weave jeans are in transit from Gustin (last scanned in Vancouver BC) I should see them later this week.
Anyone here in Canada have experience with receiving jeans from Gustin? Considering they were made in SF and the denim is from North Carolina, it should in theory be a NAFTA ticket item, so will it be just HST or will I get hit with a surprise tariff as well?
On week three of a Summer cold that just won't let go.
Nice, this watch is growing on me a lot.
Wearing Geo F. Trumper's Eucris this afternoon.
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