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I backed a pair of the dead stock Cone Pima Fire denim in straight fit, this time ordering a 36" waist instead of 35", the last pair was just a little too tight at the moment.
Ran 6.7km this morning.
Either another run of the American or Japan classic. One observation, I have a 36" waist. I loved the Cone broken weave cone denim you made up back in the Summer, ordered them in 35, and they are my favourite pair of jeans after a month of tortuous break in, they fit great. Ordered a pair of Japan Classics also in 35 back in August while they broke in decently in some ways slightly easier than the broken weave, but the fit wasn't quite as good, maybe stepping up the...
People who use True Twit to authenticate me as as human being on Twitter and not some spambot. The irony is by using this annoying service you are in fact creating more spam. I don't have time filling out repeated puzzles to prove I'm me.
Any new releases coming up?
Congratulations from north of the border on becoming a Style Forum affiliate. I own a pair of your Cone Mills Broken Weave and your Japan Classics in the straight fit. I'm liking how they break in a lot.
Ran 8.79km this morning.
Ran 9.7km this morning.
Ran 9.71KM first thing this morning.
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