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It's funny in the PR and marketing world the Justine Sacco saga got lots of play over the weekend. Needless to say she as the director of corporate communications should just know better than being a s++t disturber on her own Twitter Account. That being said from what I read, Sacco has a really good reputation for being a decent PR practitioner with the journalists she pitches, that's gold. I'm on the fence if Sacco will ever work in PR again, some say she's gone from the...
Still dealing with residual congestion from a cold I got rid of two weeks ago.
Ran 5.2km on the treadmill this afternoon.
Trufitt and Hill Sandalwood.
I'm curious to know too.
Geo F. Trumper Eucris.
SuitSupply is opening their Toronto store in January around the corner from Leatherfoot.
I feel like another cold is trying to set shop in my head three weeks after I got rid of the last one.
Ran 6.12 km this morning. It's around 38-39f up here in Greater Toronto and a very light drizzle.
My first pair were Cone Broken Weaves ordered in July and delivered early August and I really like them.
New Posts  All Forums: