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Ran 9KM today.
I just placed an order for this and the ecru oxford in the NY fit as a birthday present to myself.
Canada Customs has been sitting on my order from Ratio Clothing going on the past five days at Canada Post's Gateway sorting plant in Mississuaga On. which like a half hour drive from home. Not happy considering I just received a camera lens that was also sent by USPS that went through the same facility that was shipped later and arrived today.
Looks like my Japan Standards are leaving SF shortly which is pretty quick.
Pissed off that Canada Post and Canada Border Services (Customs) is sitting on my package from Ratio shirts for the past four days in a postal facility a half hour drive from home. Come on, how long does it take to inspect a package already? It's one madras shirt.
I backed my broken weave denims back in May with a July shipping deadline and they left SF for Greater Toronto the last week of July. Chances are they ship the last week of the Month, for example I back some 13oz Japan Standards which I don't expect ship until the end of September which means I'll see them by Canadian Thanksgiving mid October. Hope this helps and Gustin denim is worth the wait.Bill
How USPS International Priority Mail is anything but. Not really pissed off but amazed that the madras shirt I ordered from Ratio Clothing headed south to Miami before being shipped to Canada. I think this package will see more of the US East Coast than I ever will.
I finally got back into my running groove.
Ran 8.19km this morning.
I read the 1" stretch in their fit guide. The link is at the footer of the Gustin website.
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