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I was reading a news report from I think it was CTV that one unnamed nurse (not sure if she was Canadian or American) said if Ebola showed up in her part of the world she's quitting the profession immediately and I'll bet a lot of nurses share her sentiment. I don't North American Health authorities are anywhere near prepared for Ebola and it could go 12 Monkeys on us if not dealt with right.
Yeah, and so is Naked and Famous, I was wondering if anyone had the scoop on the Canadian Denim Company's venture. They are using Cone denim from North Carolina which is nice, unlike Gustin when they made their entrance, these guys have a Facebook page and one website built on a Shopify platform. Other than that, the brains behind Canadian Denim Company have been very quiet other than announcing they are going to launch around now.
Anyone got the inside scoop on these guys? http://www.canadiandenim.com . I'm thinking they might be based out of Montreal but have haven't really said anything on their FB page. Noticed briefly last night their developer was putting two skus up at $200 Cdn a pop. Which doing a comparison with say a Gustin made of Cone denim comes in at about $80 higher and $50 more if you're looking at Naked and Famous. I wanted to know more but whoever is behind this venture is not that...
First piece of advice, get involved with the NYC chapters of The Public Relations Society of America and American Marketing Association and start going to their events as well as volunteer with them. PR is a relationship business and you have to network like a fiend to find the real jobs.
From last weekend up north at Bella Lake between Huntsville and Algonquin Park, daytime high 24c (mid 70s F) and sunny all weekend. Used a 46 year old Rolleicord Vb Twin Lens Reflex camera with Kodak Ektar 100 colour film. Medium format rocks. Sunday Morning on Bella Lake by Bill Smith1, on Flickr Calm Morning. by Bill Smith1, on Flickr Reflected Shore by Bill Smith1, on Flickr
My New York Classic Fit blue bengal stripe pinpoint button down arrived today, did a quick try on and it fits perfectly on me. I only wish Kamakura expanded their on line selection because I won't be in NYC until sometime next year.
I'm wearing Geo F. Trumper's Astor cologne today.
Nice! Is that the pinpoint from their website? I'm really tempted in getting that shirt.Update, decided to order one in the New York Classic fit.
Tabac is one shaving soap I've never tried, my go to's are D.R. Harris' Lavander and Mitchell's Wool Fat. Heard great things about Tabac though.
Ain't that the truth.
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