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Ran 9 KM today making 25km so far this week.
The princely total of $23 with Ontario HST and the $5 handling fee.
My Japan Standards arrived today, duty and tax free too. It's going to be a treat breaking these in. Which leads me to this question for those already owning a pair of Japan standards, how was the stretch/break in with yours?
I just got my Monetary madras shirt in this morning from Ratio, sat in the Canada Customs wing of the Canada Post Gateway Sorting facility for a week, got dinged $23 in taxes. Aside from that which was out of Ratio's and my control, the shirt is fantastic, well made and I will be buying from them again in the future.
We're about the same size and I went with the 35s, took them about a month to stretch out. I'm glad I went with the 35" waist because I know the 36 would be too loose after break in. Good luck finding a trade.
Courtesy the muggy/humid air sitting over Southern Ontario, I cranked out a tough 7KM run instead of my usual 9km.
Crappy Labour Day Weekend weather.
Anyone have any experience with Kamakura Shirts coming into Canada? I just had one shirt from Ratio clothing sit in the customs wing at Canada Post's Gateway plant in Mississauga for the better part of a week.
Ran 9KM today.
I just placed an order for this and the ecru oxford in the NY fit as a birthday present to myself.
New Posts  All Forums: