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I ordered a pair Japan Standards from the Black Friday sale and I don't expect them to land until the end of the month. My Cone Pima Fires are a few weeks late but I rather have Gustin get them right the first time and blow a tentative shipping date than rush the jeans/shirts out the door only to have quality control issues.
A USPS label just got generated for my Cone Pima Fires, so barring Canada Post incompetence, I should see them the end of next week, maybe.
L'Occataine's Eau de Beau
I purchased from Gustin twice already and they use USPS. I live in Greater Toronto and it usually took a week or so for a pair jeans to get to me.
Dealing with with residual never ending cold symptoms (stuffy nose and cough) even though I got over said cold just under a month ago.
Ok so I got this straight, North American sizing as in I'm a 11 in Allen Edmonds so I'm also 11 in Matthew Dack but instead of a D it's a F as in UK widths?
Hey Colonel77, Got the message loud and clear, you didn't have to type in bold and in caps at the same time unless you want to come across loudmouth know it all. I asked a legit question. Bill
Ok I'm a little confused here. I own an older pair of black Dacks Longwings (made by Cheany in 11B) from about eight years ag. Is the relaunched Matthew Dack online store offering shoes in UK or North American sizing because they are using the British designation for widths (E, F and G)? Should I be sizing down a half or full size. Honestly the shoes are nice but not a lot of clarity regarding sizing.
It's funny in the PR and marketing world the Justine Sacco saga got lots of play over the weekend. Needless to say she as the director of corporate communications should just know better than being a s++t disturber on her own Twitter Account. That being said from what I read, Sacco has a really good reputation for being a decent PR practitioner with the journalists she pitches, that's gold. I'm on the fence if Sacco will ever work in PR again, some say she's gone from the...
New Posts  All Forums: