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OCBDs are classics, wear really well and are pretty much the swiss army knife of shirts.
Just discovered this thread, subscribed as well.
This is worth waiting for, any idea when this hits the website?
Pissed at Canada Post, I work from home and been tracking my nephew's Christmas present and their site said the package was due for delivery. Now I check the Canada Post site 20 minutes ago and it shows a delivery attempt was made at lunch time and "supposedly" left a pick up notice behind in my mail box. Well, there's no notice in my mail box, just great. It's one thing if it's a personal purchase, but it's a Christmas present for my nephew. Anyone how had issues with...
Is the city jacket packed in the same sized USPS envelope like their jeans or are they boxed? I haven't backed anything on Gustin since last winter and I remember the jeans costing $20 to ship north.
I've been to George Keeley on my last New York Trip, it has a really nice beer list.
Minolta SRT's are tanks with great optics. I hope the roll turns out well.
First run in about three months, more a run/walk on the treadmill for a half hour and my left knee didn't explode, a good sign.
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