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Ran 5.88KM this morning with a 7min 30 second per KM pace, first run in about four months courtesy the never ending cold of December 2013-January 2014. Gotta start somewhere.
Welcome to Styleforum!
What a tool, I would document the hole in the wall and let the condo board know and I would put up some drywall or a large shelving unit.I got one for you, a friend of mine and her husband have to deal with a 32 year old man-boy next door in their condo building. His mom rented him the unit, has no job to speak of, plays video games all day and eat pizza gaining 50 lbs in the space of four months. At night usually at 2:30 in the morning wakes up the neighbours with loud...
Ran 5KM on a treadmill.
I had to send a pair of Cone Pima Fires, they were labeled 36" but the waist measured 34" so there was no way I could get them on. I took photo of the mislabelled pair of jeans with a measuring tape measuring the waist of said jeans emailed it to Gustin and got the go ahead from their customer service to return for exchange. If you have a legit sizing issue they will look after you. Bear in mind you might not get what you originally want. In my case if it's the same...
My Black Friday Sale Japan Standards arrived today, though tight (won't be after break in) I can get them on without too much hassle.
I want to visit the Toronto store when it opens before I pass judgement. Like you I'm annoyed with the more edited selection, honestly give us the same selection as the Americans please. As for the $30 spread in pricing is no surprise, perhaps to deal with recent tinkering with Loonie by the Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, who knows.
Really nice.
My Cone Pima Fires landed today in my mail box, they look great but one problem, the jeans were not the 36" I ordered back in November but much closer to 34". I'm in contact with Gustin regarding a possible return and exchange. Pity, I love the denim. I hope they get the Black Friday order right in terms of sizing. Update: The jeans are going back.
Question, I plan to order a pair of of oxfords some point this spring, that I don't have an issue. My question is anyone on here order Meermin's loafers? I have on average a B to C width with a lower instep how would the Ron and Mos lasts work for me based on other Meermin fans' experiences?
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