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People who use True Twit to authenticate me as as human being on Twitter and not some spambot. The irony is by using this annoying service you are in fact creating more spam. I don't have time filling out repeated puzzles to prove I'm me.
Any new releases coming up?
Congratulations from north of the border on becoming a Style Forum affiliate. I own a pair of your Cone Mills Broken Weave and your Japan Classics in the straight fit. I'm liking how they break in a lot.
Ran 8.79km this morning.
Ran 9.7km this morning.
Ran 9.71KM first thing this morning.
Ran 7km this morning.
Ran 6.71km this morning, ran much better back on Monday with 10km. The weather in my part of the world has been up and down in terms of temperature and humidity.
I'm in Canada and so far all my Gustin packages have been duty free so far (knock on wood).
New Posts  All Forums: