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Anyone here read Michael Lewis' book Boomerang from a few years ago, it was an interesting and entertaining exploration of the sovereign debt crisis of the last few Lewis made the observation that Greece was the only country where the banks were conservative and government took the Greek banks down with its behaviour and not the other way around like in Iceland, Ireland, etc. I remember commenting on a FB thread that when Greece voted No a week ago, they rejected...
I'm slowly getting back into running again. Ran 5.5KM yesterday, walked 5KM this morning running errands first thing and I'll run another 5.5 tomorrow. So far my left knee is holding up ok and my second spring cold is gone for good.
Guerlain Vetiver today.
Truefitt and Hill 1805 today.
This is great news, I've been waiting for a decent local Alden dealer.
Still dealing with this spring cold left over from Easter weekend.
Caught a cold back on Good Friday, what drives me nuts is the older I get, the more cold symptoms linger.
My go to shoes for the past few years have been Nike Lunerglide 4's, a bought a couple of pairs and I'm on my last one with a new pair of Lunerglide 6's in their box. Nike Lunerglides have been good to me over the years, I find NB shoes a little sloppy on my feet. You think a second pair of shoes from another brand might help?My tale of woe started last spring and it began oddly enough not running but in the gym last spring, I was doing a variation of a pushup and I...
Spoke too soon, my IT band acted up Friday and to top things off after making it through winter with not getting sick, I catch a cold. Looks like running is on hold for another week or so.
Wearing D.R. Harris Windsor aftershave and Edt. today.
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