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Picked up a pair of UB222 11oz Stretch selvage in the taper fit today to see what the fuss is about. So far they fit well.
Fit question, I'm an 11 D in Allen Edmonds on their 97 last. I'm interested in a pair of Carmina Plain Toe Bluchers on the Detroit last, what size should I order?
Dealing with the healthcare system on behalf of an aging parent plain sucks. My mom is suffering from wickedly bad arthritis this winter, our GP is a decent guy but I had to put the screws on him metaphorically speaking this morning to get a referral for mom to a rheumatologist because the current course of pain management is nothing more than a narcotic soaked bandaid on the situation. I'm pretty much full time caregiver mode now.
If you're thinking Japanese, I would check out Seiya Japan: http://www.seiyajapan.com , they have a few Seikos in the $500-$800 Cdn range that might work for you.
Today it's L'Occitaine Eau De Beaux.
Geo F. Trumper Astor today.
I'm thankful to work from home, a good friend of mine used to work at CN in their public affairs, lives in Oakville with her husband and commuted to Concord every day on the QEW-403-401-400, that's a rough commute. he works downtown and just hops the GO Train.If I have a meeting in Toronto and it's downtown or Liberty Village, it's GO Train/TTC all the way.
The Canadian dollar getting a shit kicking on currency markets.
A sensible idea, I just stay on the 401 if I'm passing through.
OCBDs are classics, wear really well and are pretty much the swiss army knife of shirts.
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