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Caught a cold back on Good Friday, what drives me nuts is the older I get, the more cold symptoms linger.
My go to shoes for the past few years have been Nike Lunerglide 4's, a bought a couple of pairs and I'm on my last one with a new pair of Lunerglide 6's in their box. Nike Lunerglides have been good to me over the years, I find NB shoes a little sloppy on my feet. You think a second pair of shoes from another brand might help?My tale of woe started last spring and it began oddly enough not running but in the gym last spring, I was doing a variation of a pushup and I...
Spoke too soon, my IT band acted up Friday and to top things off after making it through winter with not getting sick, I catch a cold. Looks like running is on hold for another week or so.
Wearing D.R. Harris Windsor aftershave and Edt. today.
Rive Gauche Pour Homme of course.
A bit of YSL Rive Gauche.
I ran 5.57KM this morning averaging a 7 minute 48 second per KM pace. This was my first run since last September after dealing with a Summer's worth of IT band and runner's knee issues with my left leg. Safe to say after a winter at the gym strength training giving extra special attention to core and legs, the runner's knee is gone and the left IT band is behaving itself.
I'm returning to running soon after a hiatus since the fall courtesy left leg IT Band and nagging runner's knee from last Summer. Spent the winter in the gym lifting and paying extra attention to the legs with squats, Romanian Split deadlifts and lunges to build leg strength. The pain has been gone for months now, should I give say 5K/ 3 mile gentle run a shot in the near future? My game plan is to build slowly if all goes well.
Count me in for a meet up as well. I live in RogerP's neck of the woods.
Picked up a pair of UB222 11oz Stretch selvage in the taper fit today to see what the fuss is about. So far they fit well.
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