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Guerlain Vetiver today.
I picked up two pairs of chinos from the Brooks Brother's Outlet up in Halton Hills recently and they are pretty close to the ones sold down at their main line stores. I'll have to stop by there at some point in the next few weeks to look for belts.
That wasn't too bad. I still don't understand why we still have 18% duty on shoes (and clothing) made outside of North America, that incenses me. The Canadian footwear industry seems to only focus on winter, cowboy and workwear boots.
Unless they are hedging their currency, it's going to be murder for a lot of small retailers.
I know I'm generalizing:). I work in marketing communications social strategy, it amazes me how a lot of outdated thinking is still out there.
The big problem is economists, policy wonks and their political masters are under the mistaken assumption that currency devaluation is a quick fix and Canada's manufacturing sector will roar back to life. I don't think that will be the case, manufacturing will never be a jobs driver again because what hasn't been moved offshore has been or will be automated. Two I think Canadian manufacturers have a leadership problem, if the company is only viable with say a Canadian...
Two years ago I ordered a shirt from Ratio and it sat in customs for three weeks at the Canada Post Gateway Plant. I got hit with duty, even thought the shirt was made in the US they declared the textile as not being American made.
I've had more packages dinged for duty and taxes recently too, all non clothing related though. Now in terms of the Canadian dollar, I disagree with the devaluing the Looney to prosperity policy, it hasn't really worked since Stephen Poloz became Governor of the Bank of Canada, I could go on but who really needs a rant here on monetary policy as economic stimulus tool. One thing is for sure my purchasing decisions are changing.
Thanks, I got the NATO strap from Crown and Buckle, they have a great selection.
Recent acquisition, a 30 year old Seiko 6309-7290. Arrived this morning and I switched over to a NATO strap from the OEM silicone/rubber that came on it.
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