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Ran 7.1KM this morning averaging a 7:34/KM pace.
I ran a nice 7KM run this morning averaging a 7:49/KM pace. Yah, I was a slowpoke but this was the first run in almost two months after dealing with a tender left knee that sometimes felt like "runner's knee" and other times an IT band issue.
Nice! I've been looking for some new khakis.
Wearing Truefitt and Hill Trafalgar today.
Quick question, how does the New York Classic Fit compare to Brooks Brothers shirt fits?
To answer your question, so far (knock on wood) I've been lucky, the pair jeans shows up in my mailbox in a USPS plastic envelope and haven't been hit yet. Now, I have a pair of Cone Cross Thatches on their way to me so we'll see.
Ran 6.2km this morning.
Usually around three months or so from my experience, longer if Christmas or another major holiday is concerned. Gustin is worth the wait as far as I'm concerned.
Ran 5.88KM this morning with a 7min 30 second per KM pace, first run in about four months courtesy the never ending cold of December 2013-January 2014. Gotta start somewhere.
Welcome to Styleforum!
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