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Today I'm wearing Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood cologne.
I got one and I plan to use it next week.
Bear in mind it was my first time buying Loake and yeah $600 is steep for the brand but I'm also getting Ivor Woolridge's fitting expertise because these were my first pair of British shoes and my size was 9.5 for my pair of Chester's versus 11 for my AE McNeil's. If I ordered off Pediwear or Herring, i would not have known to go down a size and a half for those particular shoes.
I was walking past Woolridge Shoes in the PATH today, had a quick chat with Ivor Woolridge and he said Cheaney will be showing up in his store before Christmas and what he doesn't stock, he can order.
I picked up a pair of 1880 Chesters from Woolridge Shoes in Toronto and I'm very happy with them. I like AE but with the recent deterioration of the Canadian dollar, the value proposition with them is not quite what it used to be when after shipping and taxes I'm looking at $500 Cad versus almost $600 for a pair of Loake 1880s tax in purchased locally and Loake is much nicer than AE.
If you can throw a decent pair of penny loafers into the mix something along the lines of Alden's Leisure Handsewn series, I would be really happy.
Hi Rick,I would be interested in some goodyear welted shoes for under $400 CAD provided they lean more towards classic and less fashion.
I Picked up a pair of thinsulite insulated Bludtsone boots two years ago and they were great dealing with the past two polar vortexes.
I remember that article, I think the bulk of the remaining footwear industry caters to the safety shoe/boot market with Viberg and Dayton also selling the streetwear crowd with their service boots and I think winter boot makers too out of Montreal as well. Otherwise we're getting ripped off every time we buy pair of Loake, Vass, Carminas, even Nike running shoes. It's bullshit.
The big question, will the tariffs and duties on shoes from the UK and EU drop once the free trade deal is phased in?
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