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I've walked past but never been in Leatherfoot in Yorkville and every time, I don't recall seeing customers in there. If they lost a valued sales associate and stock is taking it's sweet time to arrive, it's a safe bet the store ain't doing so well which is a pity.
I stopped by Woolridge Shoes a few weeks ago, it's a nice little store, for now they only stock Loake but Ivor is planning to carry Cheaney later this fall. I got my eye on a pair of Loake country brogues in mahogany.
Is it just me, or do 97% of classic menswear stores in the GTA carry the same 25~ brands? I've been compiling a list of menswear stores in the GTA and it's as it's as if every store sells Alberto, Strellson, Coppley, John Varvatos, etc. I imagine it's a matter of selling what you think will sell best: after all, businesses need to make money. I also don't expect every store to be a Bogart or a Nicolas and carry numerous different labels not seen anywhere else. Yet I just...
I haven't set foot in a Harry Rosen store in years, I get sticker shock from just visiting their site.
I stopped by Woolridge's yesterday around 5 and chatted with Ivor for a good half hour, didn't buy anything because I was on my way to an event last night. This guy knows the shoe business and how to properly fit shoes. I'm a size a 11 c on the Banrock device and I found out I was a 9.5 in a pair of Loake 1880 Chester Wingtip Brogues which I'm going to buy in the near future once he gets the mahogany colour in stock. Ivor is bringing in Cheaney shoes later on in the fall...
Guerlain Vetiver today.
I picked up two pairs of chinos from the Brooks Brother's Outlet up in Halton Hills recently and they are pretty close to the ones sold down at their main line stores. I'll have to stop by there at some point in the next few weeks to look for belts.
That wasn't too bad. I still don't understand why we still have 18% duty on shoes (and clothing) made outside of North America, that incenses me. The Canadian footwear industry seems to only focus on winter, cowboy and workwear boots.
Unless they are hedging their currency, it's going to be murder for a lot of small retailers.
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