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Some throw back love back to spring 2012 when I was down in New York City: Camera used: Rolleicord IV K3B with 75 mm Schneider Xenar Lens with Fompapan 100 film. Tourist Bus by Bill Smith, on Flickr Looking up the West Side to WTC by Bill Smith, on Flickr Old Manhattan by Bill Smith, on Flickr
I'm pissed the Canadian dollar is getting shit kicked on currency markets at the moment.
Really sad news and out of left field too, I didn't know Bowie was sick with cancer. Watching the Lazarus video this morning, I felt like I was watching his grand finale.
Sadly the way things are going the Loonie could crash through 70 cents USD by mid next week the way things are going. In terms of purchases, I'm looking for alternatives. Unfortunately no Aldens in my near term future unless I start getting paid in US dollars.
That's painful, another reason to avoid sites that use UPS as their shipping partner.
I wonder if HBC stopped buying Wolverine and AE due to our low flying Cdn and replaced them with Loake 1880.
Today I'm wearing Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood cologne.
I got one and I plan to use it next week.
Bear in mind it was my first time buying Loake and yeah $600 is steep for the brand but I'm also getting Ivor Woolridge's fitting expertise because these were my first pair of British shoes and my size was 9.5 for my pair of Chester's versus 11 for my AE McNeil's. If I ordered off Pediwear or Herring, i would not have known to go down a size and a half for those particular shoes.
I was walking past Woolridge Shoes in the PATH today, had a quick chat with Ivor Woolridge and he said Cheaney will be showing up in his store before Christmas and what he doesn't stock, he can order.
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