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Dealing with the healthcare system on behalf of an aging parent plain sucks. My mom is suffering from wickedly bad arthritis this winter, our GP is a decent guy but I had to put the screws on him metaphorically speaking this morning to get a referral for mom to a rheumatologist because the current course of pain management is nothing more than a narcotic soaked bandaid on the situation. I'm pretty much full time caregiver mode now.
If you're thinking Japanese, I would check out Seiya Japan: http://www.seiyajapan.com , they have a few Seikos in the $500-$800 Cdn range that might work for you.
Today it's L'Occitaine Eau De Beaux.
Geo F. Trumper Astor today.
I'm thankful to work from home, a good friend of mine used to work at CN in their public affairs, lives in Oakville with her husband and commuted to Concord every day on the QEW-403-401-400, that's a rough commute. he works downtown and just hops the GO Train.If I have a meeting in Toronto and it's downtown or Liberty Village, it's GO Train/TTC all the way.
The Canadian dollar getting a shit kicking on currency markets.
A sensible idea, I just stay on the 401 if I'm passing through.
OCBDs are classics, wear really well and are pretty much the swiss army knife of shirts.
Just discovered this thread, subscribed as well.
This is worth waiting for, any idea when this hits the website?
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