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just want to say that this $150 razor is pure and utter rubbish compared to the less-than-$1 gilette razor I bought in India and have been using for a decadesure, the chatsworth has nice chrome, but it's too safe - too weak. the muhle angle isn't anywhere near aggressive enough for the peculiar vicissitudes of my own facial hair, whereas the cheap gilette razor is pure naked cutting truth, with wilkinson or feather. the only ways in which the chatsworth is superior to the...
Hey, Please don't take offense, but could we look at $300 for the black leather jacket?
and as for blades, if anyone's still looking, wilkinson swords are better than derbys imo feather is nice but not for everyone
update - this thing is absolute garbage compared to my six-year-old gillette that i bought for $0.50 in asia i mean it feels nice (really well weighted) and looks alright and so on, but the shave is just too weak - the head, a muhle r89 i believe, is angled in a manner that prioritizes safety, and what good is that?
so after six years (to the month) of using an incredibly basic gillette double-edge, i decided it was time to upgrade. after much agonizing thought funneled into eagle-like impulsive action, the dust cleared to reveal this lil fella in the mail: a bit loud? certainly, but it suits the owner looking forward to the first shave!
good point. LabelKing will fucking spew taittinger all over his gilded monitor when he sees this
terrible design, even down to tiny things like WYSIWYG button layout and icons actually painful to browse, not just on a cellphone but on a pc as well on the plus side it might cause me to cut back again
university of toronto
to add insult to injury, those customers jerks called it a WOMEN'S jacket spoopoker, do you think there is anything that can be done to avoid this kind of thing in the future? should i consistently ask sellers to undervalue the goods?
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