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Point taken and appreciated... I guess these should have always been my priorities anyhow.
I think your implied definition of "transactional work" is unwarrantedly narrow. The stuff I got to participate in was far from repetitive — yes, contracts are contracts, and the same broad issues (e.g. IP, liability control etc) pop up, but there was a pretty broad continuum of substantive variance. And if you think the negotiations (anywhere between two to twelve months of hammerheading terms with legal depts of defense contractors and the like, with governing law...
No, the course was just called "Constitutional Law" and offered by Yale on Coursera. I looked up that book you mentioned though, and it seems to have pretty good reviews all around — but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean anything. What did he revise exactly?
I just want to do interesting work and make money, man. Corporate law seems to be where it's at — I've worked with closely with both external and in-house counsel and had the opportunity to watch them do transactional work, and it seemed like really dynamic work that delivers new challenges every day. That's pretty much my idea of fun.
Thanks for the replies, gents...Absolutely. The bolded part is exactly why I'd like to transition into the US market. At the same time......this stuff scares me. I have no connections in the US and am unwilling to suck cock... besides which, if lower-half T14 grads are coming out of school holding nothing but their dicks, then jumping ship to the US sounds like a bad idea (given the additional cost burden at US law schools).Also, it sounds like things will be tough no...
I skimmed a bunch of humanities courses, some worse than others... Coursera's "Intro to the American Constitution" by Akhil Reed Amar, one of the foremost American constitutional scholars, is really enjoyable if you're into history
ahh, noodlers tiananmen! perhaps the most violent ink
I have a bit of a dilemma so I figured hey, why not take it to the streets? You guys have always been helpful in the past — alright that's a slight exaggeration, but not as much as you'd think. To summarize: I'm at the gates of law school. It's been a long road but I've finally sent out some applications (well, one) and received one acceptance. The catch: I... AM... CANADIAN!! Yes, it's true; I am a naturalized Canadian citizen. The University of Toronto's Faculty of...
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