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Thank you, guys! It looks like a fellow SFer is lending a hand, which is very, very much appreciated.
Hi guys, Is anyone here available to go to an H&M in Toronto that has a kids' department and pick up some things - ideally within the next two weeks? I can reimburse via PayPal. PM me if you can. Thanks, Geoff
OK - here are some photos. I checked online sources to see if I could make a determination. The back of the wide end is the same colour as the background of the front, but I'm not sure about the rest. If one of you is an expert, please advise. If it is fake, I will of course pull it.
A whole bunch of people contacted me about the Hermes tie. Stay tuned for photo of back.
I've got a small collection of ties available. Discounts available if you buy more than one. All prices are shipped (regular mail) if you're located in the US or Canada; if overseas PM me and we'll work something out. 1. Zegna (both $20) 2. Brooks Brothers ($20) and Gant ($15) UPDATE OCT 29, 2012: A reliable source has informed me that my Hermes tie is a fake. I have pulled it accordingly.
Price reductions on a number of items - check them out!
Regular fit.
Hi folks, I was at a trade show/artisan fair this weekend, and met the proprietor of Rufflentuck (Rosemary Hayes) who makes a variety of linen and linen/silk accessories - including pocket squares and bowties (adjustable and non), made from linen, silk, and blends. She had an impressive variety of linen bowties available, so I broke down and bought one in light lilac basketweave pattern that should go nicely with a lot of my summer wardrobe. Her ties are sized, so if...
So I finally got an iPod, and I have to admit it's pretty cool. Now I'd like to protect it - preferably in a calf leather flip-front case. I've trolled EBay and most of what's on offer seems to be some mixture of polyurethane and lower-grade leather. So, what brands do you recommend, where can I get them, and (most importantly) do you know if it's on sale? I'm surprised AE hasn't made one, to be honest. I'd buy one in walnut pebble grain. Geoff
Much liked. Where/when did you get a pair in that colour?
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