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Here some older and used ones, in U-last and size 41. The Budapest-Oxford in burgundy is about 9-ish years old, and the boot in cognac about half a year younger. Both have had plenty of use and abuse thanks to rain, sleet and snow. The discoloring at the front of the shoe is caused by the wet conditions. Boots have commando rubber sole (I will switch into Dainite soles at some point) and shoes have the original thin rubber sole glued on top of the leather.
It's all calf, originally in light cream color
These? Here are some fresh pics. Color is still a bit lighter than I would like it to be, but I will let them be as they are for now (and continue to polish them with dark cream after every use). The problem is, when you have so many Vass shoes on rotation, the time per pair is limited hence the darkening process will take longer. I am sure after some years of wear they will have a very nice patina.
In reality the creasing is not as bad as seen on the picture, but much worse than creasing on any of my calf shoes. These shoes are about five years old, and in terms of patina and general aging, cordovan is miles behind of good calf.In general there appear to be a small size difference between calf and cordovan, and also between different models (especially true between open and closed lacing). All my U-lasted shoes are in size 41, and if I would be ordering another pair...
Nothing wrong in cordovan as such. Good and strong leather, relatively easy to maintain, but for me it has become boring. I prefer the patina that you can get from good calf (assuming you take good care of your shoes), cordovan just doesn't age as nicely. Cordovan could be ok for a hard wearing boots, but even for those my pick would be grain.
Brown cordovan, U-last. I have 15 pairs of shoes/boots made by Vass. Three pairs in cordovan. I would recommend calf or grain instead of cordovan.
Here are mine. Old but going strong. Not exact the same model, but close enough.
A touch darker from the pictures. Not sure what to call it? Very light brown maybe?
It takes time to get a good tan, especially with the Nordic sun in March
Work in process.
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