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Fashion novice here. I just bought a few suits, and have been doing a bit of mixing and matching to see what I have that works. One of the suits happens to dark brown, and I'm finding it very difficult to match with. First, would would this look work? And, is the herringbone shirt too much texture? When I put this together, I thought that the blue color looks good, but I wasn't sure if the herringbone was too busy given that the suit is striped. Second, I haven't...
Hey Raoul, I appreciate you posting the pics and I look forward to seeing the final fit. What was the damage after all said and done? Also, where did you get measured, or did you do that yourself? I still haven't found time to go out yet, and I might look at Spier if the price is right. I went into IM label and was pretty impressed with their premium shirts.
Yeah, I don't think I would be too interested in a cotton/poly blend. Pennyarcade, where is the Richmond Hill location? I heard about it, but I don't see any address on the website. Also, I might check out Magic Tailor. I have a few shirts that are unwearable unless they are altered. How good a job do they do? Is it rushed, or will they spend the time with me to make sure the fit's right?
As it stands I mainly purchase OTR from H&M, as sad as that sounds. I do it primarily for fit alone, as I haven't found any other label that fits me. I confess, I have found a few shirts there that I genuinely do like, however it still limits the number of options in my wardrobe extensively. I pay standard fare for a shirt from H&M, the running rate being around $60 OTR. That said, I wouldn't mind spending up to $90 a shirt. Still, I'd prefer to go with one of the...
I was going to visit JustWhiteShirts, I found them online a couple of days ago. I wanted to check out the Leslie location, but it was closed. Also, in trying to Google Maps it the address points to the middle of Leslie right before the 401. So, I figured I would rather wait and call than go on a wild goose chase. I would order from an online vendor, but I've heard that they usually botch the first few shirts before all the measurement quirks are worked out. I know...
Raoul: Yeah, no rush. Just let me know how it turns out, if you don't mind. I've been meaning to give IM-Label a call. They don't list their hours of operation on their website, and I don't work downtown so I probably won't be able to make it there before they close. Also, when I browsed the Lee Baron site, I check the listing of fabrics and all I can see is $450 almost every pattern available. That's a little outside of my price range.
Wow, I could have sworn that I hit contact us and all I got was a phone number. If you don't mind sending a PM my way, let me know how it goes. Those hours will be difficult for me to work around at the moment.
Does Spier & Mackay have a physical location, or is it all done online? I would rather get my measurments professionally done.
Awesome Raoul, let me know how it goes. What is their pricing like? KTRP: I just missed them? Damn. I'll keep my eye open on the website, and hopefully I can catch them next time. It's a shame that everything is so expensive in Toronto. I'm debating as to whether I just want to go pay the $155 per shirt price, and then use those measurements to get tailored to order shirts from some korean website.
Title says it all, but I'd be willing to trek outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) if someone has a solid recco. Also, I don't have current measurements, so a 3 shirt minimum doesn't bother me. Thanks.
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