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[[SPOILER]] Thanks for all these. I'll be in Denver the morning of the 17th through evening of the 20th so I was thinking spending the 17th and 20th in and around Denver and renting a car and exploring 18th/19th.I'm staying at the Magnolia Hotel which looks like it's within walking distance to both Denver Art/Clyfford Still Museums and the Botanic Gardens, that will probably be on the 17th. The Lake Isabelle hike sounds pretty interesting. How's the drive over to Mt Evans?...
Anyone who's owned the weekender for a while, how do you like it? How has it held up? And is the size pretty good as a carry-on (particularly US domestic flights)?
Headed to Denver in late June, would appreciate any recs as far as museums, food, craft beer or any other cool stuff. Uncle Ramen & Denver Biscuit Company any good? I'm also looking to spend 2 days checking out some of the scenery so I'll be renting a car and driving around. So far I've heard Lost Lake near Boulder is worth a visit, any other places? Not looking to go on an epic hike or anything, just some places with great natural scenery.
Is no8 selling anything at this point?
Do you guys not just press and hold the globe icon and select the emoji keyboard? I have 4 keyboards and doing it that way doesn't take too long, much faster than cycling through.
How are COS trousers now? I've tried some last year and they were all flimsy and poorly made.
Site is down but if that's the shirt, it runs a size large.
Zam Barrett Tailored Soft J Pants in a thick 13oz Cotton, black. Size 52 but fits 50 (see measurements below). I'm moving away from this style so these pants have just been sitting in the closet. The close-up photo is probably the best representation of color. Waist: 17.5" Thigh (at crotch): 13" Inseam: 33.5" Hem: 7" Price includes shipping within US. Message with any questions or for shipping outside US
Jack Dorsey wearing Rick as well
I know the seller you're talking about, they won't accept any offers. Originally they had both a 50 and 52 but I guess someone was willing to pay for the 50.
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