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All the Rick blistered leather I've seen (which is not too many) have felt cheap
I thought you couldn't copyright fashion designs, and it's not like he's putting SLP on them. Oh well. Would be nice to at least see color swatches.
When is he going to put photos on the website?
I wear airism tshirts sometimes in the summer but it doesn't feel like it would be very breathable as boxer briefs?
I put coats in garment bags and have a cheap IKEA clothes rack where I hang until until it gets cold again. Knits are kept in plastic boxes from Target (although I hear that's not the best way to store them). Might look into some fabric garment boxes.
I think you mean Maison Margiela 11, must have been too long since you lost the tags. Any fit pics?
Been wearing the extra warm beat tech around the house for about a month now and still looks fine. Been through the washer/dryer a few times as well.
That's what I'm talking about
Made two orders Tuesday morning. One shipped from the Netherlands (UPS Express) and is arriving Friday, the other is coming from Jersey (UPS Ground) and won't get here until Monday. Hate how UPS doesn't deliver on weekends.
I like using cast iron stuff esp Dutch ovens but cleaning them is so much work. Way too heavy
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