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Forgot I had a code too FW14-20-2FLKR
Keep an eye on Kanye's ebay account
Don't do it Bert, don't give them anything
One of these days faust will have banned everyone and sz is just him posting and replying to himself... http://astronomy.activeboard.com/
Yang Li x Cheaney fits large just fyi. IIRC about .5-1 size large, had to sell mine because it was too big.
Thanks for the info.If only that rick from barneys didn't have a moto collar, light colored leathers are awesome.
I wish that the buttons on that Bergfabel jacket were lower, or if there was a 4th button at the bottom. Looks a little off the way it is, maybe it's just me. Apart from that it looks great. Also this store in Japan has a few jackets in 52: http://shop.nalu.co.jp/products/list.php?category_id=707
Bless hoodcoat in my size..... Although someone bought it and returned it a while back, wonder what he didn't like about it.
Hey guys, just picked up a MMM 5 zip. Been looking for a black one in this size for ages, finally found it in a store in Japan.
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