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Read that about Richard Nicoll a few days ago, unfortunate. Have some shirts from him that are really great. Interesting read on Farfetch: http://www.wsj.com/articles/where-luxury-fashion-is-a-high-speed-high-volume-business-1477504330
Anyone update their 7 plus to 10.1 yet?
Any coffee shop recs in Minneapolis? Isn't there an app that crowdsources good coffee spots around the world? Or am I making that up...
How are the wool pants? Need some beater pants for the office, my +Js don't have much life left.
^ Someone small should get that MMM knit asap
If you sign up for their 0 interest installment plans though the phones are still locked, at least with ATT.
Anyone own a pair of these? They might be the beaters I've been looking for.
I had my 7 plus bug out on me twice today. Once where after I took a photo the phone was stuck in the camera app and couldn't exit for about 10 minutes. All the functions within the camera app worked fine but pressing the home button wouldn't exit and even holding the power button wouldn't shut down. Another time all my group texts created another copy of itself with my own phone number inserted into it so whenever I sent anything I get a notification of my own text.
I have both. If you watch 4K content keep in mind the Apple TV doesn't support 4K. The apple ui is slicker and airplay is convenient but i still like the Roku more. The headphone jack on the remote is handy if you want to watch stuff without disturbing someone else in the room.
Hanz de Fuko products have worked well for me. Esp the claymation
New Posts  All Forums: