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Yeah I've heard of them. They've been around for a while
Fuck colors
Don't you live in Fremont or something gettoasty? I hear the uniqlo at great mall is huge. They'd probably have a pretty full selection.
You can do ED on a lease?
Is it the Apple Store that has good deals or other resellers? Wouldn't mind picking up an iPad mini
I wonder how long you can hold it like that before it starts to feel heavy.
What about a belt though?
Looked into Sonos a bit more last night. The fact that you can't control Spotify through the actual Spotify app is a deal breaker. I'll check out the Google thing, thinking of just picking up a Harmon Kardon Aura for my wifi speaker needs.
I'm looking for some wireless speakers but I've heard the Sonos UI for Spotify is horrible, and Spotify is mainly what I use. Anyone confirm/deny?
Gone too soon
New Posts  All Forums: