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Don't think COS webstore was up for black friday last year
Black on black cheetah pattern is dope
You can make some vegetarian sukiyaki. Quick and easy and great for cold days. Been making a lot of gyudon and sukiyaki lately. Maybe I'll look into katsudon. Any particular recipe you followed @magicalporks?
Not always, started maybe 2 years ago. They used to mark down sometimes + DHL tends to charge duties less often than UPS/Fedex.
Kill Bill? Also rft, is there a way to wash and dry black tees without risk of those white (detergent?) stains forming? Besides tumble dry.
What's the likelihood of duties on those Story boots?
Apparently the Shanghai episode used some shots of Hong Kong. Haven't spent too much time in either city so I didn't catch it. I wish he hadn't stopped the Layover, that's probably my favorite of the travel shows he's done.
Sweet deal
When can we expect measurements to be posted for the Schneider Algae coat? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/algae-knee-length-coat-in-night-navy-blue-and-black-basketweave-4104.html
Surprised Schneider would even take an order for a single coat
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