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Popped collars, the more the better
There's a jacket on farfetch for pretty cheap in a 48 if anyone's interested. Something about the model pics look off though... The button stance is too high or something http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/lemaire-one-button-blazer-item-10841546.aspx?storeid=9462&ffref=lp_122_1_lst
If you can't figure it out and are not in a rush shoot me a pm, I can proxy. Though most clothing on it are fake and the ones that are real are more expensive than US/EU retail.
Reinhard Plank
Guy living in nyc complaining about lack of nice places to shop
Next time you're in the city stop by Fog City News. I'm not a big sweets guy but I've bought a few chocolates there while picking up magazines and the people who work there know a ton about chocolates.
Uniqlo linen shirts tend to wrinkle a lot more easily than other (more expensive) brands. I have some thick linen shirts from other brands that barely have any wrinkles after a day of wearing whereas Uniqlo ones I've owned in the past look like a slinky after sitting for 30 minutes.
Was going to pick up 1-2 of those patterned linen shirts but the webstore is sold out. Do they wrinkle as badly as Uniqlo's linen shirts always have? Anyone try on the white slim fit chinos? Are they sheer at all?
Mine has nothing except the Jil Sander.Joyce is a cool store though, maybe they did a special order. The Joyce outlet is probably my favorite place to shop in HK.
I don't think you can go wrong with a toaster oven. Assuming you have a full sized oven for actual baking then you probably don't need one of those fancy convection ovens so just pick up any toaster oven on sale at your local department store.
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