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The paint splatter ones fit larger for some reason. I have both colors of them and had to size down one from my usual Dries shirt size for both.
Assuming you mean one of those water boiler/dispensers, stick with the Japanese brands. I use a 3 liter one from Zojirushi.
Those Dries shirts fit a size larger so 48 is actually a 50.
Saw some dude wearing drop crotch pants and splattered gats at in n out once. He probably shouldn't be eating at in n out if you know what i mean..... [[SPOILER]]
Would you say it was a dream of the wet variety?
Can't wait for Chinese new years to be over and production up and running
Yeah that's what I've been reading as well. The paint on cars these days is very good at keeping rust out but if it's chipped to the metal then rust can easily set in and even spread.I think I'll keep looking. Not worth the potential headache a few years down the road.
If you shorten a shirt too much it'll look weird because the last button will be too close to the edge of the shirt.
How much truth is there to the notion that snow and salt destroys cars? Looking at a CPO right now that matches what I'm looking for but its been a personal lease in Connecticut for the past two years. I'm guessing they get quite a bit of snow there.
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