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Gotta admit it looks better worn than I thought
Individual Sentiments makes cool jackets
Around 60% or so? Slightly above halfway.
I'm pretty impressed by the battery life of the new Macbook. Used it for over 4 hours today (web browsing, powerpoint and word docs) and only used 21% battery. Still not 100% used to typing on it though.
A few weeks ago I was about to cross the street at a stop sign and I see this cyclist coming down the street. Instead of stopping at the stop sign he waves at me telling me to stay on the sidewalk. Small part of me wanted to kick his tire as he passed.
Buying postage directly from USPS gives the same discount fyi. With ebay sales though I just buy through ebay since then it'll have the tracking number automatically. For weighing I just use an electric kitchen scale I bought from amazon that I usually weigh coffee with, was like 15 bucks.
The subjects' job shouldn't make any difference. He's shooting people who presumably dress like they do on a day to day basis. Just because they work in the "industry" or have some tangential relation to the industry doesn't make it not street style.
I just waited it out, took about 25 minutes. Updating OS X now.
Setting up the Macbook and it's stuck on beachball =\ I didn't even choose file vault but it's now stuck on the icloud page. Oh well, pizza time
I use the Sleep Tracker app for my phone but I'm not really sure what to do with all the data...
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