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I remember watching The Voice AU a while back and seeing Seal wearing a leather jacket that looked suspiciously like CCP. Never knew he was such a fan.
Stephan Schneider Ijevan knit in grey. Size 6. Has always been too big for me so rarely gets worn, probably less than 8 times. Always kept folded. Measurements: Chest - 23.5" Shoulder - 21" Sleeve - 25" Length - 28" $285 shipped within US
Sale at Owen.... Not much though
@AlexanderTG I think it would look better if you didn't shorten the jeans as much as you did, let it stack a bit. And what size shoes do you wear? 7.5" opening still looks too big.
Rick Owens Intarsia leather jacket. Lamb leather, DNA Dust color (photos are pretty accurate). Two small spots near the left cuff that shows some wear. Never really bothered me but some lanolin oil or Saphir renovateur would probably make it indistinguishable. Ref Code: RU6767 / LS Made in Italy Measurements: Chest: 21.5" Shoulder: 17.5" Length (front): 25.5" Length (back): 24.5" $520 shipped within US
Thanks, I don't mind the rust details but just wanted to be sure it's intentional and not a sign of the shoe falling apart or something.
Total creeper style pic
I've got a couple pairs of light colored chinos that I wear during the summer. Have held up pretty well for about two years now.
People who own A1923, is there a risk of the nails on the sole rusting? And if so is it fixable? Thinking about buying a pair but photos of the sole show the nails a bit brown/orange.
I think we'll need to see more angles of the jeans before we can make an informed decision.
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