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Pressing the home button when the phone is laying on a desk is terrible.
I've got long fingers so typing one handed is not a problem. Just waiting for Power Support to come out with an Air Jacket case for it.
I find the 7 plus surprisingly usable with one hand. And the battery life is impressive, don't know if it's just the plus having a larger battery or if the A10 chip's power saving function actually works well.
Went from 6 to 7 plus, noticeably faster for me.
Are you guys using the raise to wake function? I like it when I'm sitting at a desk but it's kind of annoying to have the screen turn on when I'm moving it or picking it up to put in my pocket or something.
Picked up a 7+ from the store today. Do I need to update my 6 to iOS10 and then back up or can the 7 restore from a iOS 9 backup? And sorry to give you some bad news GreenFrog but you're probably not going to pick up the northern lights with a phone camera unless it's a clear night and the lights are super strong. Either that or have a tripod and an app that can increase the exposure time.
Didn't update to iOS 10 and my 7 is delayed so I haven't seen it but all these new chat features sound like things that have been available on WeChat for ages. Seeing as how China is their 2nd largest (largest?) market, I wouldn't be surprised if that factored in to their decision. Personally, I prefer the way it's always been, clean and simple. I don't need exploding graphics wishing me merry Christmas or whatever.
Do you keep a kettle at your cube/office?I stick with a FP at work just because it's easier to fill from the hot water dispensers we have.
Appreciate all the discussion on Nespresso vs manual machine guys. I think one of the malls near me has a Nespresso store, I'll stop by some time to check them out in person.
Get a bumper if you don't want a full case, a bumper will at least raise it up a bit so it's not sitting right on a table/desk.
New Posts  All Forums: