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I wish that the buttons on that Bergfabel jacket were lower, or if there was a 4th button at the bottom. Looks a little off the way it is, maybe it's just me. Apart from that it looks great. Also this store in Japan has a few jackets in 52: http://shop.nalu.co.jp/products/list.php?category_id=707
Bless hoodcoat in my size..... Although someone bought it and returned it a while back, wonder what he didn't like about it.
Hey guys, just picked up a MMM 5 zip. Been looking for a black one in this size for ages, finally found it in a store in Japan.
In addition to ^, look at the label. The text should be dotted, not smooth lines.
Sometimes I stream live sports online though, which is the truth and not spam
There was a pair of A1923 for sale a while back on sufu that had ykk pulls on one boot and the blank metal pulls on the other and, according to the seller, it came like that. Maybe that particular pair of boots was when Simone ran out of metal tabs...
I'm guessing you had it shortened in Japan? Do you know if it was it a technically difficult job or should any decent tailor with leather experience be able to do it? There's a shop near me that apparently does a lot of work with leather jackets, mostly motorcycle jackets...
Intarsia:Mollino: how to stack without ribbed cuffs? Good to hear someone braver than me has tried it
Anyone had the sleeves shortened on their leathers before? The intarsias don't bother me, but thinking of picking up a mollino and without the ribbed cuffs I know the sleeves are gonna come down to my knuckles or something.
Bene going all in with the schneider
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