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Glad people are getting their jackets finally but this ending is a lot less dramatic than what I was hoping for
How many people have upgraded to the new ios version? Any issues so far? Ever since that one update a while back that killed my wifi I've been weary about installing updates on day 1.
I'd rather have a job where I have to wear a suit every day than a business casual office and be forced to look at what some people think passes as biz cas ie. relaxed fit chinos, oversized polo and square toed shoes.
I'm hoping the Barneys photography just sucks and the actual coat is darker...
I'm planning on starting my own webstore with 80% off everything, free shipping and returns. I'll also mark packages as gift for any non-US customers.
Last year H&M had some linen suits that were decent, don't know if they have them now. I picked up a few pairs of the pants to wear as beaters and they've held up pretty well.
Are there any good brands for underdyed oxfords?
So the topy and heel taps are included but not attached?
Waiting for 3-4 eps to come out and will watch them in one go. From the trailers it seems pretty much like Entourage with athletes?
Last time I ordered from mr p eu they shipped ddp, I assume it's still the case.
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