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Would appreciate some Portland recs for a trip in late May. food coffee local beer / breweries museums shopping other cool stuff
TIL: Sean John had runway shows. I always just remember them being sold at Macy's along with Ecko and LRG
Did all the talk about Portland a while ago get moved to it's own thread somewhere? Thinking of spending a weekend there in late May, trying to gather some recs for food, coffee, museums, bars/breweries for craft beers, other cool things to check out.
Slight speed and battery life bump for the Macbook. I was hoping they would add a second USB-C port or something...
I have the B&O Beoplay A6 and A9 at home, both look and sound great but I'm no audiophile. I wouldn't get their headphones/earphones though. +1 on Shure
Anyone know if the linen/cotton blazer usually comes in any other colors than the four listed on the website now? Blue, navy, beige and blue/white stripe. They're pretty good for work biz-cas
I thought a size 5 has always been around a 33-34 waist
Schneider pants size 5 http://www.yoox.com/us/36552558KA/item#dept=fmlfrnds1&sts=sr_fmlfrnds180&cod10=36552558KA&sizeId=6
People sleeping on the blue/black algae. I paid significantly more for mine and it's great
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