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I've got a couple pairs of light colored chinos that I wear during the summer. Have held up pretty well for about two years now.
People who own A1923, is there a risk of the nails on the sole rusting? And if so is it fixable? Thinking about buying a pair but photos of the sole show the nails a bit brown/orange.
I think we'll need to see more angles of the jeans before we can make an informed decision.
Why are the buttons on that jacket on the left? Do you have an outdoor mirror?
There's one on sufu right now, size L or XL I forget.
Seems like a hassle to have to do two zippers every time, although it's still better than laceups. Leather and shape look great though. If / when I give up on trying to find Cdiems in my size I'll probably go for a pair of A1923. Can't get behind how pointy the toes are on CCPs.
Do both zips need to be undone to put them on/off?
Right about now is the time stores have 10-20% sales. Anything more than that probably won't start happening until end of May / June.
^Was on ebay. Nice pickup, was wondering if someone from the forum won it.
next level collar, cuff and watchband matching
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