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Not looking forward to the super sized emojis in the next update.
Amex users check your offers, I'm seeing a spend $250+ get $50 statement credit offer for Farfetch
^That's a great deal
Definitely hit up Microbar if you're into beers, lots of Icelandic craft beers.Tapas Barinn for foodHarpa (probably already on your list). There's a little hotdog stand in a parking lot near Harpa that's good for a snack.I think Sruli Recht's workshop/store closed down? But the harbor area is worth walking around.
Just in the city or will you have a car?
I remember when Stan Smiths were discontinued for that short while. People were selling them on ebay for double the price or more.
Pretty good discounts and all you bought was a pear?
Any recommended resources for sous vide cooking recipes? Going to try and start using it more. Also anyone use a FoodSaver? Are the generic rolls/bags any good?
In Beijing I saw street vendors selling keychains that were rubber pouches about the size of the AC plug for iPads with tiny fish inside. I don't think there was any way to feed them or allow oxygen to get in though so I assume they only lasted a few days and died. The fish in your eyeglasses may suffer the same fate.
Where do you keep your pants?
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