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Nah usps won't do something like that. The nsa might intercept and go through your usb though.
People that own the printed shirts (ocean/sakura blossom/etc), how do you deal with wrinkles after washing and drying? Ironing inside out should be safe right?
Yeah I caught that. I meant difference in material. Seems like they're both 100% supima cotton...
Is there a difference between the supima tees in the undershirts category and the t-shirt category? They're both $12.90 but the ones in undershirt comes in packs of 2 and t-shirt ones are $12.90 each.
If you don't add guac you can get a burrito at Chipotle for like 7 bucks.
I can honestly say I've never splattered anything on my shirt when eating pho. The trick is to not eat directly from the chopstick. I put together a bite sized mix of noodles, meat, onion and whatever on the spoon and eat it that way.
I try to avoid dealing with ATT if at all possible. --- Does anyone know if you can pay the $79 for accidental damage if it's within the 1 year warranty? (ie. no Applecare). I like the idea of not worrying about dropping my phone but I tend to switch phones every year so I don't need the second year warranty that's part of Applecare.
IIRC before across the board discounts, Saks will usually have an early "sale" where they give you a certain amount back in the form of a gift card. The more you spend the more they give back.
How can you even see the gold with that case? I'm waiting for Draco to come out with an aluminum bumper for the 6.
Seems like a lot of people, media included, don't know the difference between the black market and grey market
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