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New unworn APC Petite Standards in 34, faux noir color. Waist (flat): 17.75" Thigh (at crotch): 12" Leg opening: 7.75" Price includes shipping within the US
final drop
Antiperspirant + fragrance is the way to go. I use menscience http://www.menscience.com/Advanced-Deodorant-for-Men-unscented-aluminum-free.html#tab-7
I'm considering that white intarsia too. From s/s '11.... anyone know how the leathers from that season were? Real talk probably 75% of the reason I want that is so I can wear it by the strap, don't even care about wearing the actual jacket
6 is the perfect size for me, I have big hands so one handed use is not a problem. 6s is too big I feel. It might be doable if I lived in a climate where I wore a coat/jacket most of the year and can carry it in one of those pockets but it's just too big to fit comfortably in a pant pocket.
Yeah I was thinking of using it to cook big pots of stew or meat and have it last 3-4 meals. Is it generally pretty easy to cook with? Just cut things up and leave it on for whatever hours?
You should demand a discount on your next order
Should I get a slow cooker? Anyone have one and use it often?
^not creepy at all
I thought you lived in London? Why are you in alabama?
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