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I'm considering that white intarsia too. From s/s '11.... anyone know how the leathers from that season were? Real talk probably 75% of the reason I want that is so I can wear it by the strap, don't even care about wearing the actual jacket
6 is the perfect size for me, I have big hands so one handed use is not a problem. 6s is too big I feel. It might be doable if I lived in a climate where I wore a coat/jacket most of the year and can carry it in one of those pockets but it's just too big to fit comfortably in a pant pocket.
Yeah I was thinking of using it to cook big pots of stew or meat and have it last 3-4 meals. Is it generally pretty easy to cook with? Just cut things up and leave it on for whatever hours?
You should demand a discount on your next order
Should I get a slow cooker? Anyone have one and use it often?
^not creepy at all
I thought you lived in London? Why are you in alabama?
That looks like cotton?
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This is one of those things that will bug nobody else except you. 99.9% of people are not going to examine them closely enough to see the stitching's not straight. On the other hand you can imagine there was an earthquake that occurred when your particular pair was being made and the stitching machine veered off course. That would make a better story.
New Posts  All Forums: