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So so far, Old Gods - magic tree with little people that shoot energy balls from their hands Lord of Light - shadow assassins and brings people back from the dead Many faced god - lets you change faces and the 7 - just a bunch of poor people who carve their foreheads... They really got shafted when it came to special powers.
Someone should try getting through TSA with those boots
So those crazy religious fanatics in Kings Landing, order of the 7 or whatever, is that the same as the lord of the light or are they two different religions?
Of course it's miran, that's why I quoted it before it got deleted
Does AMI generally fit pretty boxy? I've been staying away from this brand because that's what I kept hearing even though there's some nice things.
As a fighter pilot myself, I just can't stand it when I see people who clearly aren't fighter pilots wear bomber jackets. Makes me so mad I want to punch them in the balls.
That's not how math works...
Keep the algae Bene and stop grabbing the down jacket when it gets cold
Popped collars, the more the better
There's a jacket on farfetch for pretty cheap in a 48 if anyone's interested. Something about the model pics look off though... The button stance is too high or something http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/lemaire-one-button-blazer-item-10841546.aspx?storeid=9462&ffref=lp_122_1_lst
New Posts  All Forums: