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Despite her criminal past, this is a pretty good guide to hand washing knits. I like to wash them inside out and don't soak it as she recommends though. Just swish it around and rinse.http://www.marthastewart.com/269927/how-to-hand-wash-a-sweater
I wouldn't be able to stand such a sheer shirt, especially for work.
Are their white dress shirts see through at all? Looks like they all have some sort of pattern so that should help with the sheerness...
Someone got some great deals on UK Porter sale, Raf chain derbys going for under $250. Only size 45 left now though.
Man you aussies are getting ripped off. I replaced all my plastic hangers with those same Ikea ones a while back and they cost $4 for 8 here.
Where from and how much?
That's a pretty standard takeout box at least in the US, maybe they're different in Japan.
Not surprising. There's knockoff Rick dunks coming out of China too.
If someone can drop $15k on a jacket I doubt he'd care about reselling.
20% off sale items at tbs EXTRA20
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