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Got tracking a few days ago, should be arriving on Friday. Black full grain sidezips.
Just watched all 6 eps last weekend, better than I expected. The guy that plays Reggie really bugs me though, and not even because his character is annoying but because he seems to just imitate T.I. Mannerisms, speech patterns, everything (House of Lies season 4 for reference).
I recall someone saying one guy cleaned out almost all the inventory at the last TB sample sale.
TTS brannock is probably right. I'm a true 43.5 but have wider feet and I take a 44 in all CP footwear. My boots are made in Portugal, don't remember where the derbies are made.
I take the same size for boots and derbies as I do sneakers.
Are you going for a Wes Anderson type look koy?
Maybe jodhpurs were the first to finish. I ordered sidezips and haven't got tracking yet.
People that got tracking, which model did you order?
WJK version of the CDiem sidezips in black cow leather (taken from the Japanese translation), size 43. I couldn't really wear them because of the whole CDiem low instep thing so they've just been sitting around. Vibrammed Price includes shipping within US. PM with questions or for shipping outside the US.
I'd check it with a uv light. Actually I wouldn't buy it to begin with.
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