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Not a fan of the neck opening or the color. Then again I'm drunk so who knows, go for it?
The last time I went to FJ Western I asked about shipping stuff to him in the future since I was moving away. He said typically people just ship it via USPS and include a return shipping label, you can pay by credit card over the phone. I would trust Jesse with any "baller" boots discussed in this thread. When I took my CCPs to him he knew exactly what to do and mentioned he was working on a few pairs of similar boots shipped in by some guy in Texas. I bet that was you...
Seems like Bergfabel stuff fits at least a size small? 16" shoulders for a size 50?
You should check out the Le Labo store next time you're in the city. Or just the Le Labo counter at Barneys.Been wearing a lot of Santal 33 and Bergamote 22 lately.
Don't think COS webstore was up for black friday last year
Black on black cheetah pattern is dope
You can make some vegetarian sukiyaki. Quick and easy and great for cold days. Been making a lot of gyudon and sukiyaki lately. Maybe I'll look into katsudon. Any particular recipe you followed @magicalporks?
Not always, started maybe 2 years ago. They used to mark down sometimes + DHL tends to charge duties less often than UPS/Fedex.
Kill Bill? Also rft, is there a way to wash and dry black tees without risk of those white (detergent?) stains forming? Besides tumble dry.
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