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Anyone having a problem with group texts starting today where it automatically starts a new group with your own number in it?
That does sound like a cool operation. Ordered the Nespresso, should be arriving Saturday. Probably going to get a variety pack of the pods at first just to sample what they have.
Going to pick up a Nespresso machine in the coming days. Any thoughts on OriginalLine vs VertuoLine? The Original would be better right? Don't have to deal with any DRM stuff with pods and such. Also, is the "freshness" of the coffee not a concern when it comes to the Nespresso pods?
What do you do with the vacuum pouches before you start cooking? It's just sitting around in room temperature water all day?
Pressing the home button when the phone is laying on a desk is terrible.
I've got long fingers so typing one handed is not a problem. Just waiting for Power Support to come out with an Air Jacket case for it.
I find the 7 plus surprisingly usable with one hand. And the battery life is impressive, don't know if it's just the plus having a larger battery or if the A10 chip's power saving function actually works well.
Went from 6 to 7 plus, noticeably faster for me.
Are you guys using the raise to wake function? I like it when I'm sitting at a desk but it's kind of annoying to have the screen turn on when I'm moving it or picking it up to put in my pocket or something.
Picked up a 7+ from the store today. Do I need to update my 6 to iOS10 and then back up or can the 7 restore from a iOS 9 backup? And sorry to give you some bad news GreenFrog but you're probably not going to pick up the northern lights with a phone camera unless it's a clear night and the lights are super strong. Either that or have a tripod and an app that can increase the exposure time.
New Posts  All Forums: