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Did you miss where I said I had them altered? That means they're not the original length anymore.And this isn't a NMWA reissue, this makeup was exclusive to the boutique afaik.
If you guys are talking about my merino, I just went and double checked all the measurements and the sleeves are 25", or 25.25" if you want to be exact. I did have them shortened.
Did Square ever even catch on?
Lemaire jacket (looks very short) http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEMAIRE-tan-cotton-linen-blazer-Size-3-Medium-new-without-tags-Christophe-/131722695682?hash=item1eab48d402:g:WAMAAOSwHaBWhuQl
Wouldn't mind a cardigan in that fabric.
fwiw I always thought the Petite Standard (not PNS) was the best cut out of APCs
The thought of breaking in denim now is The cheapo Uniqlo ones with elastane are so comfy
yeah! football.... go sports!
Link would have been a good use of rick astley.
Does the Film coat have a quilted lining like the Algae? @SuspensionPoint? @Benesyed did you go same size as the Algae for your Film?
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