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[[SPOILER]] Thanks, sounds like the Oil Eliminator is that one for me since I have oily skin too. The best moisturizer for oily skin I've ever used was the oil absorbing one from La Mer but it's too pricey to keep buying.
Are any of the moisturizers from Kiehl's any good? They have like 4-5 and don't want to play roulette.
I've seen it a few times. Usually only for full price items.
Fake CCP leathers can be had on taobao (with tags/booklet) for ~$700
Haider Ackermann why you so expensive???
I'm using the Bang & Olufsen A6 with airplay, works great and sounds great.
On the plus: is there a way to set orientation lock just for the home screen? I want to be able to switch orientation but I don't want my icons flipping around.
I hope it gets cold here some time soon, tired of still turning on the ac.
He's worn a lot of CCP
Read that about Richard Nicoll a few days ago, unfortunate. Have some shirts from him that are really great. Interesting read on Farfetch: http://www.wsj.com/articles/where-luxury-fashion-is-a-high-speed-high-volume-business-1477504330
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