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That's bound to happen when they don't do a worldwide release.
I think that's part of their friends and family sale that's going on until the 22nd. There was a good bit of stuff marked down pretty low.
Was able to pick mine up today. The bigger screen is nice but one handed use is challenging and I have big hands. My thumb can't reach the top corners unless I shift the phone a bit but then it feels like the round edges would make it pretty easy to slip out. Sidenote: I've noticed my 5S running slower ever since updating to ios8. Wonder if there's any truth to those articles a while back saying Apple intentionally slows down older models when releasing new software.
Waiting in lines is only cool if it's for a sample sale
Can't beat Ikea 8 pack for $5
Is Maxfield LA still stocking Harnden?
That's actually exactly how mine smells. Not sure how I feel about it yet...Anyways, wearing Kyoto by CDG today.
What exactly does the new antenna lines on the back mean? Is the antenna on the back of the phone now? So the aluminum bumpers that affected signal strength on the previous models should work fine for the 6?
Anyone own a +J suit? How has it held up?
Tried some Aventus for the first time today. Apparently the scent can vary quite significantly from batch to batch? I'm getting a ton of smokiness, almost medicinal and very faint sweetness.
New Posts  All Forums: