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You can still search by designer name.
How clean is clean enough?
Also a 50 or 52 on grailed. Fyi, fits one size larger.
Have heard good things about autoslash but never used myself.
Airpods. Got a set of Earskinz as well since the wired ones that come with the phone feels like they're about to fall out.
After getting my order canceled by AT&T twice, managed to order it from Macy's of all places. Should arrive Thursday.
Amex users check your offers. I see a $10 statement credit with $50+ purchase at Baxter of California.
Stephan Schneider X8 cardigan in a size VI. Worn just a few times since it's too hot most of the year where I live. Always stored folded, only hung it up to take photos for this listing. Great checkered pattern on the inside that shows with the shawl collar. Also faintly visible from the back. Loose slouchy fit. Measurements: Chest - 22.75" Shoulder - 20" Price includes shipping within US
As far as size and design are they identical to the earphones that come with the iphone?
So how's everyone liking the AirPods? I'm still sticking with the adaptor + Shures for most of the time but I'm thinking of picking up a pair just for the office since I don't want to deal with wires walking around.
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