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I just realized you bought the last size 6 algae. You better return that or send it to me
Stapler staples
Someone needs to get on that staple of the month club business
^You're getting Hong Kong confused with Shanghai. Shanghai shopping is pretty unexciting, better to stick to eating and sightseeing/people watching
iirc sales only start in early Jan in Belgium
Schneider pullovers really only look good on people who are rail thin or very lean with a large drop which is why I stick to cardigans and eat my pizza
LNCC up to 70%
Nice pickups Bene. Did you get hit with customs from the wrongweather order?
I'm actually debating between Butteros or Story et Fall as a pair of beaters. Was waiting for @reedobandito to receive his but looks like his shipment was delayed. Or maybe they just stole his money and are lying to him.
New Posts  All Forums: