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I didn't even get a shipping confirmation from Sneaker Boy yet. Wouldn't mind actually if my order gets canceled, don't need any more shoes.
I've never had an ice cream sundae in my life
Besides the coat you can't see shit. And one photo is just of a ladder...?
Let me take some pics of my uniqlo haul
How tall are you Tween? I wish that coat was knee or mid thigh length instead of down by the calves. Really cool texture.
I like it. Waiting to see what other colors it comes in.
You usually dry clean those leather elbow patch knits?
I imagine Regis walking around Miami like: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah you have to pay by check to the driver. I remember my order from Spence was a huge hassle. UPS wouldn't deliver the package to my work and their hold for pickup locations are useless. Closes at 5pm M-F and closed weekends, so it was pretty much impossible for anyone with a regular job to get a package from UPS that required a signature or duties payment. Ended up asking my neighbor to wait in my house for them.
Despite her criminal past, this is a pretty good guide to hand washing knits. I like to wash them inside out and don't soak it as she recommends though. Just swish it around and rinse.http://www.marthastewart.com/269927/how-to-hand-wash-a-sweater
New Posts  All Forums: