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These are (at least I feel) much sleeker and dressier than MMM/Buttero/CP.
First time I wore the green checked scarf from F/W14 my coat was covered with bits of it. Took 5 sheets of lint roller paper to get it all.
I've been wearing the full grain calf sidezips pretty frequently over the past 2 weeks, I'll post up some pics of creasing when I have some time. Few things off the top of my head: -Agree with cyc that it's not a cheaper alternative to MMM. I'll probably end up getting another pair of MMM or Buttero sidezips. -if you have wide feet sizing down may not be the best idea. I'm a true 43.5 and went with a 43. It feels fine when I first put them on but as you go about your day...
Roden Gray always has some good stuff from Sacai and Kolor (another underrated brand)
Was this fabric used for a non-hooded coat? I don't recall seeing any...
It's pretty different than sour cream & onion. A lot better IMO, it really tastes like tzatziki.Found a pic:
I bought some kale chips from trader joes once since it sounded healthy, tasted awful. On a separate note, are those tzatziki ruffles (or were they lays?) still available anywhere? Last time I saw them was at Costco.
I haven't touched itunes except to back up my phone since using Spotify
Besides a few of my friends who bought it, I've yet to see the watch on a stranger as well. They pop up quite often on TV shows though
That parking garage has the best lighting of any garage I've seen
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