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Thanks, colorblocking looks cool. Don't like how Schneider makes his placket hidden though, pretty easy for it to flip over. COS hidden plackets are made really well.
Where is that hidden placket shirt stocked?
I basically don't buy any expensive shirts unless it has some cool detail or print. Otherwise it's all Uniqlo/COS for me. ---- Do the short socks ever go on sale? The long colored socks are now 6 for $12 (usually 4).
A family friend just got back and brought us some scarves. They are amazingly soft.
I find it helpful when the store tells you more about the model, things like his musical tastes and hobbies.
I didn't even get a shipping confirmation from Sneaker Boy yet. Wouldn't mind actually if my order gets canceled, don't need any more shoes.
I've never had an ice cream sundae in my life
Besides the coat you can't see shit. And one photo is just of a ladder...?
Let me take some pics of my uniqlo haul
How tall are you Tween? I wish that coat was knee or mid thigh length instead of down by the calves. Really cool texture.
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