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Let's move this discussion to the random thumb thoughts thread guys
So according to benchmarks, the 1.1 GHz model is roughly equivalent to a 2011 MBA while the 1.2 GHz MB has performance that's similar to a 2014 MBA. Seems like that .1 GHz makes a bigger difference than I'd thought. I'll try out my base model for a week or so and decide if I want to shell out the extra $300 for the faster one or even keep it at all. http://www.macrumors.com/2015/04/13/1-2-ghz-retina-macbook-geekbench/
It looked to me like car door dude was kicking the door so the door would hit the shirtless dude
Maybe I'll stop by the Apple store tomorrow and browse SF from the store
Got a base model coming in on Monday, don't really need a new laptop but will play around with it for a week and decide whether or not I want to keep. @GreenFrog Is your OS version up to date? I've read on other forums people getting Macbooks that aren't preloaded with the newest version and experiencing some performance issues but updating resolved it. I'd be surprised if it stutters on a site like SF, I was playing around with one in the Apple store with multiples tabs...
Literally every Chinese/Japanese/Korean market carries green tea and red bean ice cream. Probably the bigger ones would have taro as well.
Looks like a Q7? Is it my monitor or are the LEDs blueish?
Hmm I didn't get an email... But my order is for the sidezips
Did not know Gitman shirts are so expensive now
Maybe this is information that is private but how much does a 50 cent performance go for? Being that you're a university do performers usually accept a discounted rate?
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