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 We've received our delivery and the collection will be online sometime next week! It includes a good number of styles x fabrics that we haven't seen elsewhere so stay tuned... In the meantime, there are still great pieces on sale from previous collections available HERE.
  We've updated our sale with further discounts of 50% off most of our collections + added new styles that were previously in-store only.   Shop at
  We've updated our sale with further discounts of 50% off most of our collections + added new styles that were previously in-store only. And SS17 collections will be available soon as well so stay tuned!   Shop at
@oulipien Good catch! The Forme D'Expression Convertible coat has three flap pockets at the front. Certain photos show the black version of the coat with the flaps tucked in (from being tried on in the showroom). Might be my fault actually...I spent quite a bit of time walking around in that coat in the showroom as the fabric felt so nice.
Hello everyone,   The FW17-18 Stephan Schneider pre-order has officially finished, but we are able to keep the the orders open for another couple hours. So anyone waiting until the last minute can still go HERE and place an order!   @cyc wid it For the Jacket Time we would recommend the Size V (5) based on what you wrote. The Alpaca was a more oversized cut, but the Time is more true-to-size (while not being a slim fit either).
Suspension Point is pleased to offer the opportunity to pre-order from the Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection / runway of Lemaire. Building upon Suspension Point’s focus on curation we have put together a few looks that showcase this season’s themes / fabrics / showpieces. Deadline: February 12th, 2017 (End of the day - Eastern time)Click HERE to take a look / for more details. ... @robinsongreen68 This new iteration of the Kaftan has become a little more tailored /...
Thank you to everyone who participated in our FW17-18 pre-order. To hear about future offers join our newsletter HERE.    
@rydenfan For the Jacket Time we would recommend you go true-to-size / you regular Schneider outerwear size (this is based on our showroom observations). Especially in the coated houndstooth fabric you don't want it to be too tight (and it is a great style / fabric to layer under - so having that option is good).
@hayaoyamaneko Regarding the bomber jacket (Jacket Prompt); it is a new style we don't have detailed sizing information / advice, but it appears to be among the slightly more fitted styles from Schneider's outerwear selection. The Jacket Thinner (FW16-17) does have a slim fit and the Jacket Prompt is another bomber-style jacket. If you are in between sizes for Schneider (especially outerwear) you may prefer to go for the larger size in this style.   Please be aware that...
 We'll have them up in the next day or two at the latest (and the deadline will correspondingly be a few days later as well). If you are interested in anything specific from the Lemaire runway feel free to email us at  
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