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cosign on what darknworn said about the old navy distressed hoodies... sizing down is a good option otherwise, since you're willing to pay. why don't you check out the different on-line shop affiliates linked up top. or how about the engineered garments heathered hoodie. that item looked pretty sweet. i don't see it on stevenalan anymore though.
what about one strap backpacks i've always thought they were cool. i've never owned one though.
they don't look tight?
it doesn't look bad, a bit bulky maybe. what other winter jackets do yo uhave? most people would probably spring for something else for $225. military-type jackets, over coats, 3/4 coats, duffle coats what's your price range?
last time I looked at zara in the summer. [edit at SCP] all i saw was women's clothing. was i missing something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 5 11/150 lbs. is hardly "normal" in America; it's downright skinny. Maybe in Asia it'd be about average (kinda tall though). I recently read somewhere that Americans are fatter than ever, and most other nations as well. yeah i know something has to be wrong when a size small is even baggy on me in the generic american brands. ... probably the fact that I'm NOT small at all haha
5-7ish 23.5 inches i think i weigh 170ish
what options do i have for good-looking winter boots? i'm looking at around $80-150 although I could go higher. i don't really have any idea of what to expect in winter shoes, so please inform me =].
haha you guys wiped out the jackets. i'm happy with my order though =].
promax bars taste really good... nutritionally probably not the best though.
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