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Gap tailored fit khakis fit really well. I bought a pair on sale this week for $35.
Fresh after a mink oil application. ~1 year of almost daily wear, including a Canadian winter. The wood part of the sole (sorry I don't know what it's called) looks like it's getting visibly damaged. Has anyone tried recrafting their boots to replace that part?
I bought a 36S Sterlingwear Authentic from Kaufman's Army and Navy in NYC for $170. Fits great and the quality is top notch. Enough room for layering underneath too.
College student here, going to my cousin's wedding. Which (if any) of these ties would be most appropriate? I'm planning on wearing a charcoal suit and a white tie.
Pictures as promised. These are a couple cheap Tommy Hilfiger ties that I had just sitting in my closet because they were too wide for my smaller frame. I got them slimmed down from 3 inches to 2.75 inches. My local dry cleaner/tailor charged only $12 per tie. I'm happy with the results!
I asked the tailor to slim the ties from 3 inches to 2.75 inches. As a shorter asian gentleman, I need my ties to be around that width. Anything wider just looks ridiculous on me.
I just dropped off a couple ties at ny local dry cleaner/tailor. She charged $12 per tie. I'll post results when I get them back on Tuesday
I would, but I want try it on before i buy it EDIT: nevermind, I found this thread
where can i get a sterlingwear peacoat in NYC? i'm going there for a trip in september.
Rich brown pair of Sebago penny loafers with leather sole in terrific condition. These are a great shoe from spring til fall. The labeled size is 9.5B and it fits true to size. $60 shipped to Canada/USA. Will provide Canada Post tracking number so you can follow it online. Contact via PM. Paypal only. Message me if you want more pictures or information on the shoes. Thank you for your interest!
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