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Great denim--ringring approved, in fact.
Quote: Originally Posted by vikingmd I just got an email for 20% off JCrew and purchased some of the Red Wing boots. Code is SHHH What a coincidence, so did I. Though with tax and the huge shipping, I saved $10 from retail on the RW boots--a total sham.
Hey all, I'm looking for something like this: or this: but at a much lower price. I'm also open to bags outside this style. The only restriction is that is has to be carry-on size at the largest. Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks, Alex
There's a classic and a slim fit (also a "rancher" fit, it seems). Look on the NDG page for fits: I have a pair of the classic, and they definitely fit very slim on me not sized down. I think the price discrepancy might have to do with a selvedge/non-selvedge version, though I've only seen the non, and quality is very high.
Quote: Originally Posted by chanimal love that boo did you find the sizing....did you get your true size ? Tyler from Blackbird sent me this: "The XL tall shirt measures 21" pit-to-pit with a 28" long sleeve and the L sweater is 20" pit-to-pit with a 24" sleeve. I actually just found an XL sweater, too, which measures 21" pit-to-pit with a 24.5" sleeve." [The shirt refers to the green overdye oxford shirt--insanely undersized in...
A couple knits: NDG BoO
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso According to the sales associates as of last year they only carry womens APC. They actually told me to go to Blackbird, where I had just come from, of course. I was a little surprised they thought I would really try Barneys first for clothing in Seattle. I wonder if Marios carries APC now? Does anyone ever go there anymore? No, they still have APC "homme." New Standard cords, a gray button up, black crew...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet The silver part is the inner part of the placket (metallic thread) and it goes all around, super gangsta! I saw this at the Seattle Barneys today. Probably the best JS piece this season from what I've seen. It is very difficult to add metallic fabrics to a sweater and still be able to use the word "subtle" to describe it. Sadly, most cardigans make my shoulders look too slopey, and this one is no exception.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen When I think of stealth wealth, I think of people paying ungodly amounts of money to find clothes that resemble easily found items of a much cheaper price. In the context of Rye GB the item in question was a generic looking sweatshirt covered in holes. He paid $1600 but it resembled something we could all go out and find at Wal-Mart for $4. I think a bunch of the posters in this thread have a different idea of the...
I've had a waxed cotton Uniqlo jacket for a couple years now, and it has held up surprisingly well. In fact, I haven't had any of the H&M effect--falling apart after the first few wears.
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