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Quote: Originally Posted by wiru also an article in gq: and a q&a with daiki: ^they really managed to make this stuff look boring. Are any US stockists carrying the chino on the right?
Manufacturing location seems to vary enormously with APC. A lot of their knits are now made in China. I picked up one on deep discount at Nom de Guerre that was Italian-made, however, so there's hope.
Never mind, I solved my own question: But for future reference: IGWT Klasse Louis Boston Raye Ron Herman TG170 Union Watts On Smith
Hey guys, I'm looking to grab that Rittenhouse cardigan on discount, but I can't find their web presence or a list of stockists. I know they're carried by In God We Trust in NYC, but where else should I check? Thanks!
I've tried on one of the jackets, and they run small. I would guess the L had a chest measurement of about 41-42" and a 26" arm.
^ Who would have thought the binocular shirt would be such a success, both in terms of design and popularity. In fact, I'm wearing the F/W one right now...
No coupon, but someone should really grab this at $166: I have the vest in green, and it has been an excellent staple this season. Fit is true to size, unlike other EG outwear this season.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobody Important Any possibility of lengthening the sleeves? I wouldn't try to lengthen sleeves on corduroy--there will be a line where the fabric was originally pressed.
I bought the same sweater. The arms are very short, even on an XL, but I think this might be intentional. I just push them up and it looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy +1 - I'm somewhat close in size to drizzt, (6'1", 205-210, 36 waist with 25.5 thighs - slightly out of condition since it is finals and I'm not working out much) I actually feel that my lower body sometimes overwhelms my upper body (I probably have much longer arms than drizzt does, though - I have a 6'3 to 6'4 wingspan, with smaller than expected hands). if that's true, he's probably much more balanced in real life. ...
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