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Quote: Originally Posted by craig g thank you both for the is strange how loake dont do a 13 but do for CT willl check out the ebay link,thank you.CT do have a 13 brown but there £250/$500 and thats a bit rich for loake imho. 50% off for new customers.
I own the F/W and have tried on the S/S. Fit is similar--maybe a little smaller for the S/S, but definitely not a whole size. "Drape" is different though because of the different materials.
Has anyone seen the Pathfinder in dark blue? Angelo claims that Barneys is the only US stockist, but I haven't heard of any sightings yet.
I actually have a NWT deck hoodie in an XL that I've been thinking about selling. If anyone is interested, send me a PM before it goes to B&S.
Is anyone stocking the navy pathfinder in the US?
Sadly yes--I returned them to CT under their very generous exchange policy.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I can highly recommend that cardigan. I agree completely. Robin, I think we have about a 50% of wearing at least one matching article of clothing if we ever bump into one another on the street.
I'm a true 36 and they're a little snug in the waist, so I think they would fit well on a 35.
Someone buy those trousers! I just got mine and they're fantastic--perfectly slim fitting and a beautiful weight to the fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Here are some great pictures of the different fabrics for the waistcoats: No idea but they look pretty good. I wonder if the guy in blue is wearing all of the Andover pieces and matching waistcoat? The pants look like they're on the slim side. We need to get Angelo or Daiki to post on SF!
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