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Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle They are always really helpful though, providing me with whatever measurements i ask for in a very timely manner, even over the phone sometimes Blackbird's service is great--they're consistently more friendly and helpful than all the other boutiques I've been to on the east coast. Ian is great in this regard too, though their lines aren't quite as interesting (excepting EG).
I like Blackbird, but I think the staff eats too much of their own dog food. They're constantly out of stock on the best items, and their explanation is always that their staff and friends bought up all the sizes. So order more?
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Not Funny! I have invested alot in you guys and you gave me a F/W 08 sweaty armpit. Thank god I'm wearing an undershirt. Gary I think EG generates a lot more excitement for their F/W line, since their greatest strength is with layered pieces.
Brian, which TaT fabric is that?
Or start a bidding war between you and A Harris
Quote: Originally Posted by petitnoblesse Ok who got the Marlow 13's...they were in my cart when I went to pay, poof! Sorry, it was me. I don't know how well the last will fit me, though--I'll give you first dibs if they don't fit!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Chron there really is nothing in that range. I have an english fp lambswool but it's an oven and not really thin. I'll let you know if I see anything though, mid range cardigans are really tough as normally I'd say apc but they are overpriced and all made in china now. It's true, though I picked up their S/S cardigan, the cotton/silk/cashmere blend, and have been quite happy with it. Blackbird has a ton of...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug The only reason i wouldn't own a ton of BoO is because i can't really tuck them in. Being 6ft makes it pretty much impossible for me to tuck them in as they're pretty short on me. I might try a jantzen with the specs from my BoO shirt and just lengthening it 2" (does that sound about right Get Smart for wanting to tuck it in?). They sell "tall" sizes as well. Jake gets them occasionally, and Blackbird had...
There was a label called "Capital Tailors" that made some pretty decent, slim, single needle shirting a few years back. They must be defunct, since I haven't heard of them in years, but worth picking up if you see them. Kind of proto-BoO.
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