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Prada, Lanvin, Dior, Jil, and a few other designers.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank The only thing I want from Barney's is the Engineered Garments light cotton scarf. Is that going to be on sale? Seattle Barneys SA told me that the private sale includes only Prada, Lanvin, some other crap, and Jil.
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo what kind of discount can one get them at? You just missed a 25% Friends and Family sale at BB.
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Designer's Thom Browne, so that's to be expected. I was surprised to find it fit relatively well, even given his penchant for shortness. Are short arms a Thom Browne thing, too?
Beautiful shirts, but the arms are cut short. I'd estimate a 34 sleeve on the BB4 (16 1/2 neck). The BB website claims 35, but I don't believe it after trying them on.
Not to be lazy, but can we get a list of stock in L? I'm sure a lot of people are interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by landho Irony and earnestness appear the same to the casual observer. I like the sockless look in the spring and summertime, but I can't abide the consequences. To that end, I grabbed a handful of the complementary slip-on socks from the women's shoe department at Neiman Marcus and stuffed them into my pockets. Loafer socks are all too often visible and destroy the intended aesthetic. A friend of mine gave me two pairs of...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin o rly? I thought they just lowered it to 10% as of May 1st, like the other discounts they offer to other groups. There is a chance that the salesperson was just confused or jockeying for an extra couple bucks of commission. The guys at Blackbird are leagues better than the girls in terms of customer experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin From blackbird? Yes. I actually buy most of my stuff from them by phone and just get it delivered. Blackbird seems to have stopped the Superfuture discount altogether.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Well, if by East Coast, you mean NYC, you need to remember that treating people like crap is de rigueur, and not just in retail establishments. Blackbird does provide exemplary service. From my experience, so do most retailers in the midwest and the south, especially proprietor run stores. Even Bostonians, not known for being warm and fuzzy, are cinsiderably friendlier and more helpful than New...
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