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Do they discount raw denim as well? They have MIJ 19cm and 21cm at the NYC store, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by arced More measurement questions, how long is the jacket and are the buttons on the sleeves moveable? Button sleeves are moveable, and I'm going to guess the jacket length at 32 or 33. I'll measure later tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 What US suit jacket size would you equate the NDG XL to? 40 or 42. The measurements of the NDG: 21 pit 26 arm 29 length Wallet is 3.75" x 4.5"
Measurements on the Svens from Oi Polloi: waist 34.0" leg 34.0" rise\t10.5" thigh 12.0" knee 9.5" hem 9.0" The waist on these has stretched slightly, but I'll let the buyer decide how to wash. The wallet is a standard 2-fold size. Will measure more accurately later tonight.
I'll get the measurements on the APC and R&B after work, but I'm going to guess: APC: chest, 44-45" and arm 26" R&B: chest, 46" and arm 26"
Measurements on the SP jacket: Chest: 43-44" Sleeve: 25-26"
Pre-move sale: 1. NWT Sartoria Partenopea for T&A jacket 42L -- SOLD 2. NWT Incotex casual trousers in lightweight cotton, sizes 33, 36, and 38 unhemmed -- $49 33 is mustard, 36 is fuscia, 38 is red. Colors on the fuscia and red are more subdued than in the photo. All are the same style as this previously-sold pair: 3. NWT Incotex chinos for Zegna, size 38 -- SOLD
Just added, NWOT Thom Browne Spring/Summer 08 Oxford cloth button-down from Bergdorf: $160 Click for hi-res images Measurements: 21" chest 17" shoulder 26" arm 31" length 16-16.25" neck. 1. NEW Nom de Guerre Decon Deck Hoody in XL -- SOLD 2. NEW Engineered Garments shawl collar vest in L -- $169 From Rakuten: 3. Rag & Bone western shirt in 16 1/2 35 -- $70 A couple washes, and in perfect condition. 4. Nudie Straight Sven "flame" selvedge denim in...
Does anyone know what they charge for MTM jackets and trousers?
Nothing far above 3".
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