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I think you're right to do a warm wash. A cold soak will shrink them, but won't do anything about the excess dye. After a cold soak and warm wash, my Canes lost very little color, except in the stress areas (speak of, they developed much faster than my other dry denim).
I have a pair of Hawaiis, and even after a cold soak (6 hr) they bled everywhere! My hands would be blue by the end of the day from incidental contact. This was sort of gross, because the dye tends to rest under your fingernails. I eventually gave in after a month or so of wear, and did a warm wash. Now I get very little smurfing, if at all. If you do a cold wash (assuming these are like the Hawaii), try not to wear light-colored shoes, or your favorites for that matter....
Thanks for doing all the legwork, Brian! How have you found the stretching in R&B? This is always a weird question, but I'm trying to decide between a 34x34 and 36x34. I wear a 34 in APC, but I could have gone with a 33, I think. My initial guess is that I should go with the 34 on looser models, and 36 on the 11+ range, right?
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