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Quote: Originally Posted by robin They were sent around a few months ago for a showing they put on, you should be able to find a couple more if you look around online. Bergdorf's is still carrying them, and Sam mentioned that context will be getting it for fall too. Does anyone know if BG has any Woolrich WM marked down?
Any news on the next round of Barneys markdowns?
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete That Fair Isle is beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis Imagine the photos in ten years time. Remember polyester leisure suits, sideburns, bell bottoms, frilled blue evening shirts, lapels 15" wide!!!! Do you think yfyf will be embarassed of his photos in this thread in 10 years? I doubt it. You could name all sorts of differences between Browne and 70s adaptations of men's suiting/formalwear, since Browne's is more of an homage while the latter is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax What are they saying? Pray tell... My girlfriend's opinion is that Browne has made menswear fun and playful, while still projecting masculinity. Of course, you don't see that in the most extreme examples--but they're models, right? Other compliments I've gotten have been much more general, and not specifically about two-inch cuffs, for instance. I think there is an allure to deconstructing conservative...
Quote: Originally Posted by Harry Lean Can't get passed the short pants. What a foolish look. Can't imagine many girls going for guys with that look. Say what you will about Thom Browne, but I think more women are into the look than men. The higher the ankle, the more complements I seem to get.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Anyone know the sizing on BoO shorts? Hoping they fit big but i doubt it Is it wrong to want the Patent Blue OC espadrilles? Kinda like the marc jacobs blue cardi with the tan back too. Other stuff that i kinda like but don't really need like the r&b grey pants, shorts and some lova shit like tanks. I don't know if i'm ready for tanks though. Never tried it. Surprising for BoO, their shorts are true to...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'm not sure if anyone got them stateside. I wish I got one in navy or light blue though. Also, I must express my angst over Ian not putting their remaining inventory on sale yet. ;_; Angelo said Barneys is the only US stockist for the Navy Pathfinder. God knows which stores though. Does anyone want to do some detective work?
I used to live a few blocks from The Saloon, and it quickly became my favorite bar in DC. Their German selection is a relief from the ubiquitous Belgian fare.
SP jacket sold. Feel free to make offers for the trousers.
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