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Quote: Originally Posted by akaidiot I just got back from the Seize sur Vingt sale that will be going on through the weekend -- it's the same as all the other ones they have. If you're looking for decent button downs for $80, they have a lot of them. Any other details? Tie prices? Suits?
Does anyone have interest in a 16.5? I need to thin the herd of white shirts in my closet, and it's still unworn. I'm willing to sell at cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Please wear those pants to the Seattle meet up on Sat so Eason is not the gayest looking one there. I would love to help him out, but I'm in NYC for the foreseeable future (when's the next meet-up here?) Jet and I have been trying to, uhm, top Eason with the floral and the gold lamé, but his wardrobe is like the Tiger Woods of gay: no rival. Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo ^^ I...
Tuck don't roll in EG. This is more my speed:
Cross-post from the EG thread:
I bought the last pair of cinch shorts, I think. Not sure about the pants. The worst part: shorts were $29!
EG cinch shorts (floral) EG bowtie (brown plaid) EG Pathfinder (navy)
FYI--Den has a lot of EG at near closeout prices. One gray workshirt left in L for $69, all sorts of ties for $29, Beacon chinos for around $59 (only 30s left I think), some hoodies in various sizes, some fishing vests in L and XL (maybe they're in Odin though), and one-wash denim in a few sizes (34 for sure) for $69. And a Nepenthes Hawaiian shirt in S for $5! Also, one Robert Geller puffy vest for $79 (has a busted zipper). Sadly no phone orders, but if I get enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Sasha changes the number for a reason, gents. That's why I asked for a PM, not a reply.
I'm in NY for the week, and just discovered that they changed their number. Can anyone PM me with the new number? Thanks!
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