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anyone know whats the stock like at the beijing location? (my chinese is pretty shitty haha) thanks
can anyone recommend me any good dry cleaners and tailors in orange county (near south coast plaza, etc.)? thanks!
anyone have any good tips for removing beer/other alcohol stains from their beeswax desert boots? thanks!
weavers available anywhere in the US?
can anyone recommend me a good dry cleaner in the pasadena (626) area? places in LA are cool too...just wanna go somewhere that won't mess up my stuff looking to dry clean some BoO shirts and a suit THANKS
random question...but i might as well post it here since this thread is bumped... can anyone recommend me a good drycleaner in the pasadena area? looking to dryclean some BoO shirts and a suit THANKS
Quote: Originally Posted by chanimal hey would anyone know how the raf by raf polos fit? thinking of grabbing one from SW. thanks a medium is like 17" shoulder to shoulder and a little over 19" across the chest...basically a size smaller than most brands
do the black overdyed 501s run true to size? (looking for a true 29 waist) link: thanks
hey kiya, what are the chances that flathead will reproduce the black/red houndstooth western shirt? i'm trying to decide if i should just get the black/white instead. thanks!
anyone else feel like the nylon boat boots run a lil small/narrow? i got them in the same size as my clarks desert boots
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